Egis Klimas On Usyk Vs. Fury Fight: “Everything Is Done From Our Side, Everything”

By James Slater - 11/05/2022 - Comments

It’s too early to get excited, but in terms of a heavyweight unification clash between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury getting done, things seem to be going well. Egis Klimas, manager of WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight ruler Usyk, spoke with SecondsOut, and he said that, as far as he and Usyk are concerned, the fight is a done deal.

“Everything is done from our side, everything,” Klimas said. “So, there’s only one guy who can say, ‘Yes, we’re going;’ that’s Fury.”

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There is of course reason to be cautious over getting pumped up over the fight. Usyk and his team may have agreed to everything on their end, and that’s great, but Fury as we know can be a tough guy to negotiate with, to make a deal with. Fury has to agree everything from his side before we can genuinely begin looking forward to this fight. And then there is the small task Fury faces on December 3 – that of beating Derek Chisora in their trilogy fight. No, hardly anyone sees Fury having any trouble picking up the win, but we have seen bigger upsets, especially at heavyweight.

Again, it’s great that Usyk wants the Fury fight and is happy with his side of whatever deal Klimas is referring to. But until the fight is signed, anything can happen. On paper (a massive Chisora upset win over Fury aside) there is nothing to stop this fight from happening. So long as both men want it – and Usyk has made it clear he does want the fight – there is nothing in the way. But does Fury really want this fight? Some people have suggested, and do suggest, that Fury is not that keen on fighting the gifted Ukrainian southpaw.

Others say Fury is far too big for Usyk and that there is no way the reigning WBC heavyweight champ has any fear of Usyk. Now that Usyk, via Klimas, has said everything is “done” on his side, we will wait and see if Fury agrees to the fight as quickly and without issue. Hopefully this massive fight happens some time in the first quarter of 2023. Where and on which TV platform (or platforms) remains to be seen.

Klimas did say that the Fury fight will not be an easy one for Usyk, this due to the size difference of the two men.

“Size difference of course, it’s not in Usyk’s favour,” he said. “[Fury] is a giant. Also, he’s a good fighter. He’s a talented fighter first of all. Secondly, he has a good boxing IQ. He is a very, very dangerous fighter.”

And every fight fan out there wants to see what will happen when Fury matches his stuff with Usyk and his stuff. Fury-Usyk is arguably one of the most fascinating world heavyweight title fights in history. It has to happen.