Eddy Reynoso Says He Has Received “No Offer (For Canelo) To Fight Benavidez”

By James Slater - 02/23/2024 - Comments

Right now, there is a good deal of talk circulating regarding how Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez has been sent a massive offer, to the tune of $55 million, for him to fight David Benavidez – the offer supposedly coming from PBC in conjunction with Team Benavidez. But Canelo’s trainer and manager Eddy Reynsoso says he has received no such offer.

Speaking on ESPN Mexico, Reynoso said that no offer has been sent regarding a Benavidez fight, nor has any official proposal for a fight with Terence Crawford been issued.

“The reality is that none of the big promoters, not Al Haymon from Premiere Boxing Champions, not Eddie Hearn from Matchroom, not Bob Arum from Top Rank and not even Oscar De La Hoya from Golden Boy have given me an offer to fight Benavidez…..and certainly not Terence Crawford,” Reynoso said. “The fight with Benavidez may take time or may never happen, but it depends on many things. There were fights that never happened, that of Lennox Lewis with Riddick Bowe, that of Julio Cesar Chavez with Terry Norris, that of Erik Morales with Juan Manuel Marquez, and none of them stopped going into the Hall of Fame because of that. There were others that, although it took a while, ended up being done like that of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, among the fighters there is no fear, we just wait for the conditions to be met.”

There seems no way Canelo, who has faced all manner of rough and tough fighters during his career, is afraid of Benavidez, as Reynoso says. But the fans, all of us, can be guilty of seeming impatient. Basically, we want to see Canelo fight Benavidez already, and we do not want to see Canelo fight anybody else on May 4. But as Reynoso says, the Benavidez fight could take time, or it might not happen at all.

Reynoso says Canelo’s May 4 foe will be announced next week, while there is talk of Benavidez, having lost patience waiting for a shot at Canelo, making the move up to light heavyweight; this for a fight with Oleksandr Gvozdyk. It’s interesting, why would Benavidez be looking to move up in weight if a massive $55 million offer really was sent to Canelo from his team? Or is this talk of moving up to 175 a mere bluff designed to get things moving? Time alone will tell.

Yes, we want to see Canelo fight Benavidez, but Reynoso says he hasn’t been sent any kind of an offer for the fight. And until an official offer is made, how can this fight, or any fight, possibly get done?