Where Is Dillian Whyte? Carl Froch Says “He’s Vanished”

By James Slater - 02/23/2024 - Comments

Is it time to send out a search party in an effort at locating (former) heavyweight contender Dillian Whyte? This is a question some people, Carl Froch among them, have been asking. As fans may recall, Whyte was to have fought Anthony Joshua in a return fight back in April of last year, this a big pay-per-view fight in the UK. But Whyte failed a drugs test, in so doing becoming the latest in a shockingly growing number of big names to flunk a drugs test.

And since then, some 10 months on…..nothing. Froch, speaking on his hugely entertaining Froch on Fighting YouTube channel, brought up the subject of how Whyte has “vanished.”

“He’s gone quiet Dillian. He was supposed to fight Anthony Joshua in a rematch, they boxed as amateurs they boxed as pros. He clipped him, wobbled him a bit, AJ fought back and knocked him out with an uppercut,” Froch said. “It was a good fight, and a learning fight for AJ. That’s when he had that tenacity about him. He was supposed to fight Whyte in a rematch, Whyte failed a drugs test and has vanished. He’s gone quiet, there’s nothing happening. If anybody knows where Dillian Whyte is let us know.”

Will Whyte ever fight again? Whyte claimed his innocence when news of his failed test came out, but as Froch says, since then he has gone very quiet. And being quiet is just not Whyte’s style. At all.

While we’re on the subject of missing fighters, where is Jermaine Franklin, the last man to box Whyte, this in November of 2022? Franklin, a good fighter, has lost only to Whyte and Joshua, but he has not fought for some seven months, with no news of his next fight to be found. Franklin hasn’t been out of action as long as Whyte has, but both guys need to get back in the ring soon if they are to resume their respective careers.

Or have we perhaps seen the last of Dillian Whyte in the ring?

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