Dillian Whyte Hooks Up With Buddy McGirt; Wants AJ Rematch In December

Heavyweight contender Dillian Whyte has changed trainers once again. As has been reported by Sky Sports, Whyte is currently out in California, where he has hooked up with Buddy McGirt. Last seen being knocked out by Tyson Fury, this in the world title shot 35 year old Whyte had waited oh so long for, “The Bodysnatcher” says working with as experienced a trainer as McGirt will “add little tweaks” to his style.

Whyte, 28-3(19) has thrown his hat into the ring for a return fight with Anthony Joshua. If the Fury-Joshua fight doesn’t happen in December – and Fury says it will NOT be happening, that Joshua failed to sign the contract in time – Whyte says he is more than willing to step in and fight AJ. The first fight Joshua and Whyte had, back in December of 2015, was a thrilling affair, with AJ knocking Whyte out with a vicious shot in round seven, this after having been wobbled himself earlier in the battle.

Fans will be disappointed if Fury and Joshua do not fight (and fans will be more than disappointed if Fury fights Manuel Charr next as is looking more and more likely) – but a Joshua-Whyte II would not be too bad as far as a replacement fight.

“Buddy had been a two-time world champion, he fought a lot of good guys and he has been in the corner of a lot of top guys as well,” Whyte said. “He’s been around, had years and rounds of world title experience and I think that’s what I need at this stage in my career, somebody who can make little tweaks and has a bit more experience in big fights. If the Fury fight doesn’t get made with him and Joshua, me and Joshua can fight in December if he wants. He’s training for it, he’s ready for it, he’s willing to take on Fury so if that fight doesn’t get made I’ll step up and take the fight with Joshua.”

Whyte – who was trained by Xavier Miller for the Fury challenge in April, with Harold “The Shadow” Knight also working with Whyte – was handled with some ease by Fury, and some fans wonder how much Whyte has left, how much resistance there remains in his chin. How much can even as good a trainer as McGirt add to Whyte’s game this late in his career?

Still, Joshua has expressed interest in fighting Whyte again, and we know Whyte wants it. Whether he can be improved by McGirt or not, Whyte can be expected to give it his best in a Joshua rematch. Don’t be surprised if the rematch does happen in December.