Deontay Wilder confirms Malik Scott as new coach

Deontay Wilder finally revealed today on social media that his coach is one of his former opponents in Malik Scott. The two have been training for over a month and posting clips on Instagram periodically.

According to iFL TV, Wilder has left his long-time trainer Jay Deas, who has been with him for many years. That would be the second coach that Wilder has sacked since losing his WBC heavyweight title to Tyson Fury last year in February.

“An Amazingly Peaceful Session…
W/ my brotha and new trainer @malikkingscott @everlast

#BombZquad #TilThisDay #ReBirth,” said Wilder on Instagram.

During today’s workout, Scott, 40, was seen working with Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) on his footwork to help him cut off the ring on his opponents such as Fury.

Wilder will need to be able to cut off the ring on Fury if the arbitrator rules in his favor at his arbitration hearing, which is expected to conclude this month.

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Fury would need to set aside his plans for an August 14th match against fellow British heavyweight Anthony Joshua so that he can fight Wilder again.

However, even if Fury loses the arbitration hearing, it’s possible that he’ll pay Wilder a step aside fee to get him to move out of the way.

Knowing Fury, it doesn’t seem realistic to believe he’ll agree to pay Wilder millions to step aside. Fury clearly won’t like the idea of paying Wilder a fortune to get him to disappear.

This is clearly the Gypsy King’s own doing. If Fury had stuck with the contractual rematch and fought Wilder last year, there wouldn’t be a problem now.

Obviously, the temptation to fight Joshua to earn a king’s fortune was too tempting for Fury, so Wilder was shunted to the side.

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The British heavyweight was supposed to fight him again after Wilder gave him a rematch last year. Sadly, once Fury got his hands on Wilder’s WBC heavyweight title, he had other ideas, choosing to go in the opposite direction.

There’s a lot of animosity from boxing fans today on social media in response to Wilder’s video announcing Malik Scott as his new coach.

What seems to be apparent is that the fans view Wilder as a threat to the Joshua vs. Fury fight, which many of them badly want to see on August 14th.

Those fans shouldn’t be mad at Wilder. Truth be told, there wouldn’t be a problem if Fury had simply fought Wilder last year rather than letting it go this long.

If the arbitrator rules against Fury, he’ll have the option of fighting Wilder again or paying him to step aside.

If Fury is as good as he says he is, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to honor his rematch clause and beat Wilder a second time.

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Deontay Wilder, Malik Scott - Boxing News

Of course, if the new improvements that Malik Scott has made in Wilder’s game have strengthened him to the point where he can beat Fury, fans can forget about the Joshua-Fury fight this year.

With that said, it doesn’t mean that Fury and Joshua still wouldn’t fight at some point in time. They’ll still fight, but the variables will have changed dramatically under that scenario if Fury gets blasted out by Wilder.


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  1. Things have changed very much for the better . Deontay Wilder vs fury is the fight most world wide boxing fans want to see .
    In Las Vegas , at a new stadium and between the two top contenders .

    • Luis king Kong Ortiz will kick furys arse , in the middle of the ring , fair and square , every day of the week and twice on Sunday .

  2. The UK banned fury from boxing . The rest of the world should too . That guy should be fined arrested and imprisoned .
    Now you’re going to see what would really happen without loaded gloves padding removal and steroid use bribery and drugging himself and his opponents .

  3. Jim ,
    Are you blind ? Can’t you tell when gloves are being manipulated ?
    Deontay Wilder is a better boxer than fury . He is quicker , stronger , he has much better reflexes .
    This is why all of the top European fighters completely avoid him . It would not surprise me if fury vacated the belt again .
    Deontay Wilder is much smaller than fury but he is going to whoop furys arse .

  4. In the 2nd fight Fury vs Wilder, Wilder was completely outmatched when Fury changed his game plan & applied constant pressure on Wilder. Wilder couldn’t escape the big man’s powerful blows and crumpled to the ground over & over until the match was finally stopped!! That fight proved who the better fighter was!!

  5. This whole subject is being treated in an insulting manner , fury should be fined , arrested and imprisoned .

  6. Judges and court’s always rule against dark skinned wooly haired auchtonomous populations .
    They rule against blue eyed white men who stand up for truth , justice , equality and the constitution for the united States of America and the bill of rights , wrapping themselves in the American flag so they can dedicate on it .

  7. Deontay Wilder has fury running from the trilogy . Run fury run , stupid is as stupid does

  8. Purchase the franchise belt from Maricio Suliaman president of the WBC fury , run for the protection it offers . That skinny little Deontay Wilder is gonna beat you up .

  9. Deontay Wilder doesn’t have to change anything . The problem is low blows , head butts , loaded gloves , padding removal , crooked referee’s , and drug usage .

  10. Wilder needs a consistent jab relying on right hand for a knockout isn’t the way use a jab back him up he will be victorious

  11. A Wilder fan much? Fury dominated your man, took his best shot and made him look like a scared child. Deal with it!

    • Sadly , this is a best website for boxing . This garbage , you will publish . Deontay Wilder has already won the hearts of the people , and strategically outmaneuvered fury in superior fashion . He has won the war without fighting , fury is completely out of shape , completely mentally fatigued and intimidated .

    • Tick tock , tick tock
      Will fury continue to run , sprinting at full speed towards the nearest exit and away from Deontay Wilder ?
      Can a judge intimidate the WBC into not sanctioning a non title defense ?
      Will the WBC strip fury of the WBC belt.?
      Tick tock tick tock
      Only time will tell

    • Deontay Wilder is smaller than fury shorter , and he weighs lass . That means he is bigger . That means he will beat up Deontay Wilder.
      Doesn’t it ?
      Yeah Deontay Wilder is smaller so he automatically loses .

  12. So we just going to act like the glove scam wasn’t real….like a scratch in his ear made him weak…he acted as he couldn’t hear….as if his ear drum was busted…we all know what happened….in 3 fury going to sleep…he is going to run right into a left thats going to set up that right….. watch and see

    • Please stop talking about arbitration. The whole thing is phony. It’s an attempt to trick the public into thinking Deontay really wants the rematch even though him and Al Hammond said no 3 times. Some lawyers are probably getting rich. Tyson has moved on to Anthony, the trilogy is off. Even if this phony arbitration said Fury and Wilder have to fight, their not going to. They will for sure ignore that and fight in Saudi Arabia for a guaranteed 300 million.

  13. Deontay Wilder has given a j , fury , and east side boxing the contagious aflicción of the evil spreading condition of , ” menstrual cramps .”
    Afraid of Deontay Wilder and running , sensoring any comments suggesting the truth that Deontay Wilder is in the best shape of his life and fury will never meet him again , and he better not .
    Sensor this as well young punks .

  14. Deontay Wilder will not be facing any opposition from a j or fury .
    They have never abandoned their mutually amicable position of freigytfully and horrifically , shamelessly avoiding both Luis Ortiz and Deontay Wilder .
    They fear the America’s .

  15. Fury lost the first fight. Race, once again played a role allowing fury time to recover. Tables turned, the black fighter isn’t even such a gift.

  16. Wilder and Fury are joint cowards both keep looking for ways to back out against Joshua who will end both there careers

  17. I don’t know how anyone can say fury ran ……. he gave wilder the option time and time again !even a dead line!wilder only piped up when the deadline ran was up. Fury beat wilder twice already so I think wilder needs to accept defeat and prove himself in the ranks once again if he thinks he is good enough .!

  18. Wilder come on man you got this get your throne back put that work in like its needed you dont work you dont eat you got this CHAMP one hitter quitter!!!!!

    Mineral wells T.x

  19. @What the F this article is stupid to you because it sounds too much like right doesn’t it? Had Fury not taken the identity of a weasel and fought Wilder like a man in agreement, then we wouldn’t be here if he’d won the fight.

  20. Who wrote this stupid article? Fury was waiting for Wilder who STILL isn’t ready. Wilder isn’t even a draw enough to keep anyone’s attention when Joshua is without an opponent.

    • Butterbean Fury backed out bro. Accept it. If he was so willing to Have the agreed upon rematch then what happened? Wilder said he was ready but Fury had no comment.

    • Fury didn’t back out, offers expire. Wilder had plenty of time to exercise that rematch clause, it was an ongoing story about whether or not Wilder would accept the fight before the deadline and only when it expired, he started ranting about how unfair it is, get a clue and keep up to date, Boxing is done waiting for Paper Champions.

    • The option rematch clause was exercised before the expiration date , Deontay Wilder bears no fault for the trilogy not being done . Through no fault of Deontay Wilders .

    • Listen up you uninformed youngster ,
      Deontay Wilder is a Canastonia New York international boxing Hall of famer .
      10 title defense in five years .
      He is in the best shape of his life .
      You just haven’t been ****** over yet , you will , that’s a guarantee , and when you do , take lessons from Deontay Wilder .
      Watch and learn .

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