Will You Pay To Watch The Mayweather-Paul Exhibition?

05/14/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

The farcical or genuinely interesting exhibition bout between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul (take your pick) will go out on pay-per-view, with Showtime PPV televising the event in America and Sky Sports just announcing how they will have exclusive TV rights here in the UK.

U.S fight fans will have to fork out the sum of $49.99, while the Sky Sports price tag has not yet been announced (at a guess, I think it will be around £15 or maybe £20.00).

Will YOU be paying to watch?

Mayweather and Paul have done their best in hyping the eight-round exhibition that, in truth, will not be anything like a competitive fight; Mayweather being a thousand miles away in terms of skill, experience, and ability, even at age 44 – Paul being 0-1 as a boxer.

But the exhibition has gained plenty of attention from fans, younger fans in particular (the old-timers, those that are still here to recall the glory days of boxing, back when the sport was the biggest on the planet, are aghast over the June 6 feature).

The under-card is reasonably solid, the highlight being the return fight between Jean Pascal and Badou Jack, but that $49.99 price tag is an incredibly high one. Is there any real chance fans who do pay to view get their money’s worth?

The exhibition is dubbed “Bragging Rights,” but although Paul would have plenty to brag about if he somehow managed to win – as in he could brag about having pulled off the biggest upset in boxing history – what on earth would/will Mayweather have to brag about with a win?

Will You Pay To Watch The Mayweather-Paul Exhibition?

His monster payday aside, Mayweather will accomplish nothing of note on June 6.

Personally, I’m kind of surprised and disappointed the folks at Sky Sports have took it upon themselves to buy this fight and expect us UK boxing fans to do likewise.

I’ll take a pass. Above all, though, let’s hope nobody gets badly hurt or worse when this, the latest in a seemingly endless stream of curiosity/freakshow exhibition bouts comes along.