De La Hoya says Gervonta Davis “worried” about Ryan Garcia, needs rehydration clause

03/19/2023 - By Rob Smith - Comments

Golden Boy Promotions boss Oscar De La Hoya is convinced that Gervonta ‘Tank’  Davis and his promoters are “worried” about his fight against Ryan Garcia, which is why they insisted on a rehydration clause of 10 lbs to try and weaken Kingry for their fight on April 22nd.

De La Hoya is amused that Tank Davis, who calls himself the new ‘Face of boxing,’ would need a rehydration clause to help him defeat Ryan Garcia for their bout on Showtime pay-per-view at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Oscar sees it as Tank and his management want to ensure they have the upper hand against Ryan, but behind it all is “worry” on their part. If that’s what this is about, Gervonta and his promoters are putting themselves in a position where they won’t receive credit from the boxing fans that are aware of their placing a rehydration clause in the contract.

De La Hoya says that Ryan, 24, won’t be negatively affected by the rehydration clause because he’s a “professional” and will be able to make the 146-lb morning of the fight weigh-in.

The rehydration could backfire on Tank Davis, as he might be the one that is weakened if he can’t rehydrate after the weigh-in on the Friday before the fight.

Tank is a big guy, and he might be affected by this more than Ryan, which isn’t a good thing for him because he will get hit with big shots in the fight.

They’re worried, that’s what it says. They’re worried. I know it’s mind games,  I know it’s negotiations, and you want to have the upper hand, but as a fighter, if you’re looking for the rehydration clause, you’re worried,” said Oscar De La Hoya to K.O. Artist Sports about Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis insisting on a 10-lb rehydration clause for his fight against Ryan Garcia on April 22nd.

“You don’t want your guy to get heavy, punch harder, be stronger, be faster. It’s not going to matter to Ryan because Ryan is a professional. Ryan Garcia isn’t going to gain so much weight and lose his speed,” De La Hoya continued.

“So the rehydration clause, it’s a blessing in disguise literally for Ryan. He’s a pro, anyway. He’s going to stay under anyway. So this just shows you that the other side might be a little skeptical about what’s going to happen on April 22nd.

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