David Benavidez: “Andrade is a tricky dude to deal with in the ring!”

By Vladimir S - 10/17/2023 - Comments

David Benavidez, unfazed by critics and social media trolls, expresses confidence in his training regimen, anticipates a knockout in his brother’s fight, and keeps his eyes on a potential clash with Canelo Alvarez, despite the roadblocks. Speaking to Fight Hub Benavidez had this to say:

“To be that pay-per-view star, I have to continue doing exactly what I’m doing: facing the best fighters in the division. I’m not just sitting around waiting for Canelo. I’m crafting my own lane, aiming to be the best of this generation by beating everyone who’s top-contender in my weight division. My passion for boxing, my love for training and everything related to this sport… that’s what keeps me focused and ready to embrace any challenge that comes my way,” Benavidez elaborated, his fervor for the sport shining through every word.

The Journey Never Ends; It’s About Staying Focused

When asked about whether he feels he’s nearing the end of his journey, Benavidez was quick to retort with a laugh that’s equally serious, “The journey doesn’t end until I retire. I don’t want to trick my brain into thinking I’m close to ‘getting there’ because that’s when complacency can sneak in. I’m in this to dominate, to truly be the best, and that means never taking my foot off the gas, even after a fight with Canelo. What’s next after that, you know? I need to maintain that dominance.”

“I’ve been training for months. I only took like two weeks off after my last fight. But when you’re serious about the sport, training becomes your lifestyle. You don’t leave it; you live it. You take breaks when needed, but you’re committed to getting better every day. That’s my life; that’s my passion,” Benavidez shares, chuckling at the suggestion that he might have grown taller. “It might be the shoes, or maybe it’s just that I’m standing next to you,” he joked, lightening the mood.

Demetrius Andrade: Not Just Another Fight

Discussing his upcoming fight with Andrade, Benavidez didn’t mince words.

“Look, a lot of fighters don’t want Andrade because he’s a tricky dude to deal with in the ring. He can be a real puzzle if he decides to box hard. But his last couple of fights? I wasn’t impressed, especially when you compare how he and Berlanga handled Nicholson. Berlanga had Nicholson hitting the canvas four times; Andrade didn’t even send him down once. I respect Andrade’s hunger, but I’m not convinced he’s got the power for our division.”

“My strategy? It’s consistency. Every fight, they start with their plan, and then I break them down. I stay consistent with my body shots, my combinations, cutting off the ring, and my gas tank? It’s insane. Fights are won in training camps. You mess around there, you’re going to have a messed-up fight. But if you’re all in? You’ll look better than ever,” Benavidez states, the confidence in his preparation apparent.

“I don’t feel any type of way about him. I think he’s a great fighter. I’m very grateful for him making this fight happen… I’m very excited,” he states. The respect is clear, but so is his determination to win.

Charlo vs. Canelo: An Outsider’s Perspective

Benavidez also weighed in on the recent Charlo vs. Canelo fight, a slight frown marking his otherwise jovial expression. “Honestly? I feel like Charlo could’ve given more, but then again, so could Canelo. They weren’t throwing enough punches. Canelo threw what, 350? People expected him to take Charlo down, especially in an 18 by 18 ring. But we can’t forget, Charlo’s never been easy to knock out. It was a decent fight, but both could’ve pushed harder.”

“I think the WBC has to do the right thing. If Canelo doesn’t want to fight me, then they should strip him of the title… I’ve been the number one contender for the past two years. I’ve been doing my thing,” he argues, his frustration with the situation apparent but controlled.”

Responding to Canelo’s post-fight remarks about being untouchable, Benavidez shrugged, “He’s always looked strong, sure. But unbeatable? I don’t care about that. I’m here to prove I’m the best in the world. Whether it’s now, two years, five years… I’m not going anywhere. And when the time comes, I’m taking all his belts,” he declared, the fire in his eyes undimmed by the long road ahead.

Training Hard and Knocking Down Doubts

“You prepare your body, you know. You have to drink two gallons of water every single day. I do that… Obviously, I’m going to look a little puffy, you know what I mean? But that’s how you do weight cuts… people always gonna talk, bro,” Benavidez explained, brushing off criticism about his appearance in training clips. He’s aware of the chatter but remains unbothered. His focus? Preparation and endurance, proving that the fight’s outcome is determined long before the bell rings. And those comments about him being 60 lbs overweight? He’s having none of it. He confidently asserts, “You see me now. Do I look 60 lbs overweight? No.”

As for his brother’s upcoming fight, Benavidez is nothing short of confident. “This is the biggest upset probably [in] the past 5 years. My brother’s been working extremely hard… he’s going to get the victory,” he predicts with a conviction that only familial bonds can foster. But when asked if he’d want his brother to fight Canelo, he’s quick to respond, “I hope not.”

KO Necessary? Victory is the Goal

“I don’t like to put pressure on myself to say I need a KO. I would like a KO, you know, that’s what we’re training for, but at the end of the day, if it comes, it comes… I am going to inflict as much damage as possible on Demetrius Andade,” Benavidez declares, making it clear that while a knockout would be sweet, victory is the ultimate goal.

As for the pre-fight psychological warfare, Benavidez isn’t worried. He’s either unfazed by trash talk or hasn’t noticed any from Andrade. “I haven’t heard him say nothing at all,” he says, ending the interview on a note that’s equal parts indifferent and confident. This boxer’s mind and eyes are on one thing only: the fight.

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