Darchinyan vs. Donaire, War for the Once Was vs. The Is

By Vitali Shaposhnikov - 11/06/2013 - Comments

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The clock is ticking, as both Nonito Donaire and Vic Darchinyan are eyeing a victory this coming Saturday night on HBO from Texas, as they step into the ring against each other for the second time. For Darchinyan, this will be a long awaited chance to redeem himself to the boxing fans that have witnessed Darchinyan being handed a rather nasty loss in his first fight against Donaire.

Ever since that night, Darchinyan has voiced his quest for the rematch over and over, but being that boxing is a political as well as a business career, it’s not always about being humble and giving your competition chances that are unnecessary and don’t make long term sense.

At last, Darchinyan, by way of Rigondeaux beating Donaire, has arrived at this golden opportunity to not only avenge a loss, but to skyrocket his career to all new heights.

That night in July of 2007, Donaire looked younger, fresher, faster and stronger than Darchinyan. Maybe it was because he really was, or maybe it was due to Darchinyan not expecting this type of a fighter to end up across the ring from him that evening. Time has gone by, and both fighter have had their share of rounds against their respective opposition. Donaire has lost only once, to Rigondeaux, while Darchinyan has added 4 more losses to his resume.

Both fighters have something to prove and something to lose, but only one of them is capable of getting back in the ring against top notch competition to continue his career, and according to what I have seen, Vic Darchinyan is not that man.

Aside from losing to Rigo, Donaire has shown no flaws inside the ring. He is quick, smart, and technically sound. Calling his loss to Rigo a fluke is not only unfair, but is probably unlikely to be true. Rigo had received a lot of praise before facing Donaire, making it seem that he was the next big deal. For Donaire, what happened to him on his night of struggle against Rigo, is something similar to what had happened to Darchinyan on the night he was unable to handle Nonito Donaire.

At some point in time, everyone is faced with a challenge that they had simply not anticipated and properly prepared for.

Donaire vs. Darchinyan will be a fight between men that have gone from everything to scrambling for a decent fight and a fair paycheck. One of them will once again raise their hand and possibly secure their place in line for a bigger fight with a bigger reward.

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