Daniel Dubois-Joe Joyce On Saturday – Who Wins?

Fight fans have been waiting, and waiting, for the guaranteed explosion that is Daniel Dubois Vs. Joe Joyce, and finally (after three postponements due to you know what), the fight is here.

This Saturday night, with so much more at stake than the collection of belts that will be on the line, this truly fascinating battle will go down. Both men are absolutely chomping at the bit, as the somewhat tired but in this case fitting saying goes, and both men have left nothing to chance in training.

Joyce, the older many by well over a decade at age 35, looks to be in fantastic shape, ripped and ready like never before. Dubois, the favorite to win (though far from a firm favorite) has never stepped foot into the ring in anything other than superb condition. Fitness and stamina should not be lacking in either man on the night.

This fight may well come down to chin; as in who has the better chin. Both men can really whack and both guys will be looking to land hurtful leather-encased bombs at the earliest opportunity. Indeed, the early rounds could prove to be very dramatic.

Dubois looks likely to enjoy the greater early rounds success, as he is faster of hand, he is younger and he will perhaps be sharper than “The Juggernaut.” It could be hot for Joyce, 11-0(10) in these early rounds.

But if Joyce – who really does have the look of a fighter who will take some shifting; veteran trained Abel Sanchez not too long ago saying Joyce reminds him of the great (and extremely tough and durable) George Foreman – can get through those early sessions, the fight will become extremely interesting. This is when the fight may turn into a battle of wills, of who wants it most.

Dubois, 15-0(14) is a special talent and as such a quick win in his favor cannot be written off at all. But if Joyce is still there after round three, then we will get to see what Dubois is really made of. This is the big test for Dubois and the fans know it.

This is the big test for Joyce and the fans know it. Not since Lennox Lewis met Gary Mason in 1991 has there been a more hard to pick all-British heavyweight showdown between young and unbeaten fighters (Lewis, then aged 25, was the younger man, Mason being 28 at the time).

A good case can be made for a Dubois KO or stoppage, this coming early, while a good case can be made for a Joyce KO or stoppage, this coming late. A distance fights does not look likely.

Daniel Dubois, Joe Joyce - Boxing News

Prediction: I’m going for Joyce to come through some torrid patches to come back and stop a fatigued Dubois in the later rounds. Joyce TKO 11 Dubois. This prediction is not made with any real conviction, however. Dubois will be extremely dangerous early on.