Should Devin Haney Be Punished For His Shoving Of Lomachenko?

By James Slater - 05/20/2023 - Comments

As fans know, things got a little bit heated as Devon Haney and Vasiliy Lomachenko took part in the traditional face-to-face, or, if you prefer, head-to-head that followed their official weigh-in yesterday. Haney gave Loma an almighty shove, the bigger, taller man knocking his challenger back a considerable distance.

The word now is Haney may face a stiff fine for doing what he did. As per various news reports, The Nevada State Athletic Commission filed a complaint regarding the shove, and Haney may indeed have to cough up some dough. Added to this, The NSAC ordered Loma to undergo a second physical exam to check that he is okay to fight.

The question is, is this a whole lot of fuss over not very much? Imagine an intensely conditioned ring warrior being badly hurt by a shove! Has such a thing ever happened? Fighters are tough, and the commissions should perhaps be reminded of this! As for Haney being fined, this seems unfair. Why single Haney out? How many times have we seen fighters – their blood pumping with anticipation, their very real desire to finally be able to lay hands on the other guy, this after weeks and weeks of hard training – temporarily lose their cool and give their rival a push or a shove as they go through with the somewhat tiresome tradition of going face-to-face?

It’s happened too many times to keep track of, and it’s all part of the game. It might be silly and unsportsmanlike when pro fighters lash out, but some people absolutely love this kind of stuff. And some fighters have, during a face-to-face, gone way further than mere shoving, and yet they were not fined.

Go ahead and list as many shoves, pushes and other physical outbursts you can recall seeing as two boxers were locked in the intimacy of a head-to-head or a face-to-face. There are plenty, yet how many fighters were actually fined?

Haney, whether he wins or loses tonight (and he’s getting paid around $4 million) may have to hand over a portion of his hard-earned purse. Again, why is Haney being singled out for having done something countless other fighters have done (and worse) over the years?

What do YOU think – should Haney be fined for having shoved Loma, or should he not?

Last Updated on 05/20/2023