Chris Arreola Picking Wilder To Beat Fury In Third Fight: By Any Means Necessary

08/24/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

Chris Arreola, who looks to be in fine shape some three months on from his far better than expected performance against Andy Ruiz, spoke with Fight Hype, and “The Nightmare” spoke about what might be next for him and he also gave his pick on the upcoming third fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. Perhaps surprisingly, Arreola is picking Wilder to win and he is picking him big.

Arreola, who has shared the ring with Wilder (he rates Vitali Klitschko as the hardest puncher he ever faced, “hands down,” with Arreola listing Bermane Stiverne second, “his shots you don’t see knock you the f**k out!”) Arreola says Wilder will get the job done whatever it takes on October 9.

“It’s kind of hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but that being said, it’s the hunger that he [Wilder] has. He probably trained half-assed for that [second] fight and now you can see he’s working f*****g hard,” Arreola, who says he himself is walking around at the 240 mark, said. “When you get humbled, you’ve got to figure shit out to get that lion out of you again. So I guarantee you he’s working his ass off. I guarantee Malik Scott’s making a big difference in his career. One of the things about Wilder is, the most power in his punches comes in the snap, at the end of the punch. At the end of the punch, with the snap, Wilder’s a dangerous mutha. I’m picking Wilder, man, I’m honestly picking Wilder. By any means necessary; whether it’s by knockout, by decision, by disqualification. Whatever it is, Wilder’s winning that fight.”

Interesting stuff from Arreola. There seems to be no doubting Wilder’s hunger and desire going into the three-match, but can we say the same about Fury? He’s had a lot going on lately, especially from a personal standpoint, and some people are wondering if Fury is as hungry as he once was. Some people remain skeptical that the fight will even go ahead as scheduled on October 9.

It’s interesting that guys like Arreola, and Leonard Ellerbe, for two, are picking Wilder and are picking him big, despite the one-sided beating Wilder took in fight-two. In some ways, the third fight is the most intriguing heavyweight fight of 2021.

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