Charlo vs Tszyu Fight Delayed Again!

04/04/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

Tyszu Says Charlo “Will Try And Postpone It For As Long As He Can”

Tim Tszyu is pretty frustrated right now. Fresh off his impressive stoppage win over Tony Harrison in a fight that saw the unbeaten Tszyu win the interim WBO title at 154 pounds, Tszyu has been told he will have to wait even longer than was initially thought to get his big, for all the marbles shot at unified 154 pound champ Jermell Charlo. As fans know, the Charlo-Tszyu fight should have happened in January, but Charlo suffered a hand injury in training and the fight was postponed.

Now, it’s been reported how Charlo is taking longer than he thought he would to heal up and the fight is now being targetted for late August or early September. Tszyu, 22-0(16) is of the belief that Charlo “was taking me lightly” when the fight was first signed and that now Charlo “knows,” as in he knows how good Tszyu is. “He will try and postpone it for as long as he can,” Tszyu said of Charlo.

Charlo, 35-1-1(19) will of course say any such talk is nonsense. However, Tszyu is understandably upset at having to wait for his big world title opportunity and he has told The Mail that he will look to stay busy by taking a fight as he keeps himself sharp for Charlo.

“The bloke hasn’t fought for 12 months. How long can you keep postponing a fight?” Tszyu said of Charlo. “I think he understands this isn’t an easy fight for him. And so he wants to be 120 percent ready. I think before he was taking me lightly. Saying he was going to beat me with one hand. That he was ready to fight with one hand. Now he knows, though. So he’s taking his time. He will try and postpone it for as long as he can.”

Hopefully this will not be the case, and hopefully this fight will happen in either August or September. If not, and if Charlo pushes it back even further, there will be serious doubts over whether or not Charlo really wants this fight. It was back in May of last year when Charlo last fought, this in his rematch win over Brian Castano. Whereas Tszyu beat Harrison last month and he is now looking to get himself another fight to keep busy. It’s obvious who the sharper man will be on the night when Charlo and Tszyu finally get it on.

And Tszyu says he wants a “competitive” fight in his stay-busy bout. “I want somebody that is going to give me a challenge,” Tszyu said. It’s clear how hungry Tszyu is and how much he wants his big chance against Charlo. Let’s hope that Charlo hand injury heals as quickly as it possibly can.