Carl Froch Blames Joe Calzaghe For Their Grudge Fight Not Happening

By James Slater - 03/12/2023 - Comments

It remains one of the biggest ‘what its’ in British boxing. Carl Froch Vs. Joe Calzaghe. Who would have won and how? These two super middleweight greats, each having had a fine and stellar career, could have rumbled but they never quite managed it, the two peaking at different times. But Froch, who seems to think about this lost fight as much as we fans do, if not more so, has again spoken about what might have happened had he and Joe got it on.

Froch, speaking on his YouTube channel, says he blames “The Pride of Wales” for the fight failing to happen. “The Cobra” also explained how he sees two possible outcomes for what would have gone down if the fight HAD happened.

YouTube video

“It should have happened for the fans, and it didn’t unfortunately,” Froch said of a fight between he and the unbeaten Calzaghe. “Regardless of the promotional divide, if the fighters want the fight o happen, it will happen, so I am totally blaming Joe Calzaghe on that, because I think he knows he would have got ‘Cobra’d.’ Calzaghe would have either beaten me on points, he is very fit, very strong, he’s a good fighter, or I’d have chinned him. I would have knocked him ‘El Sparko.’ Robin Reid hurt him, Robin Reid put him down, he lost a split decision, never got the rematch by the way but he [Calzaghe] rematched Mario Veit. This isn’t a ‘beat up Joe Calzaghe session,’ this is just me telling you the facts.”

But is Froch correct with his “facts?” Calzaghe as we know, never, ever lost a single fight, the superfast, go-all-night southpaw always finding a way to get the W. Froch would have tested Calazghe hard, of that there seems to be no doubt or debate. But knock him out? Froch may well be right with his first probable fight outcome, with him having gone down on points if he had fought Joe.

Still, we will never know, this fight confined to Dream Fight status. What we do know is this: it would have been a great one. Very possibly a fight so great it would have screamed rematch, maybe even trilogy.

Who do YOU think would have won if a Calzaghe-Froch super fight had happened?

For the record, as if you didn’t know or need reminding, Calzaghe went out with a spotless 46-0(32) ledger, this in 2008. Froch retired in 2014, sporting a 33-2(24) record. Calzaghe was knocked down four times during his career, Froch was decked twice during his ring time.

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