Canelo Vs. Charlo On Saturday: “He’s Gonna Find Out Real Soon,” Says Canelo

09/25/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

It’s fight week. This Saturday night in Las Vegas, fans will be treated to “Undisputed Vs. Undisputed.” Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez will defend his collection of super middleweight belts against Jermell Charlo, who holds a collection of belts down at 154 pounds. Though plenty of fans feel the jump up in weight will prove too much for Charlo, there are some experts out there who feel Charlo will be able to outbox 33 year old Canelo and pull off the upset.

Canelo says he is looking forward to showcasing his own boxing skills in the fight that he says is “the perfect fight [for me] right now.” Canelo says he is still pretty angry at the way his skills were “disrespected by both Charlo brothers and that he “never forgets.” Canelo, who also said, quite interestingly, and humbly, that “there is more than just one fighter at the top, there are a few,” is certain he will put Charlo in his place and remind everyone how good, how great, he is.

There have been a few folks saying Canelo is not as hungry or as determined now, with the suggestion also being that Canelo has slowed down and has lost a step or two. If so, Charlo, with his fast hands and his good boxing IQ, might be in with a real shot at scoring the upset on Saturday. Canelo, however, is having none of it. He is motivated for this fight.

“I always believe that I’m number one. My whole career,” Canelo said, perhaps backtracking on his earlier statement of there being room for “more than just one fighter at the top. “I still believe I’m number one….You need to believe in yourself. I think Jermell Charlo is the perfect fight right now. He’s been calling me out for a long time and I never forget. He’s said a lot of things. He never believed in my skills, but he’s gonna find out soon. Him and his brother didn’t believe in my skills and that motivates me for this fight.”

Charlo too is motivated, perhaps more so than at any other time in his career. We could get a great fight on Saturday, yet for some, that weight issue is just too much. How will Charlo’s speed be up at 168? Will Charlo be able to take Canelo’s super middleweight power? Will this one turn out to be a boxing match or a fight? If the fight does go to the cards in Canelo’s ‘hometown’ of Vegas, will Charlo get a fair shake?

You may have more questions now that we’re in fight week. It’s a big fight whenever Canelo, for many still the face of boxing, is in action. We missed him on Mexican Independence Day, now we have Canelo’s super fight action to get excited about. Canelo wants to showcase his boxing ability on Saturday, but maybe he should be focusing on his power and his ability to get a guy out of there. Canelo needs to remind Charlo that he is the boss, fighting at HIS weight.

It’s Canelo by late stoppage for me. But who are YOU picking, and how?

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