Canelo vs. Bivol = bigger than Plant fight says Vergil Ortiz

08/03/2021 - By Jeff Sorby - Comments

Vergil Ortiz Jr sees it as a good thing that Canelo Alvarez could be facing WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol next on September 18th instead of IBF 168-lb champion Caleb Plant who he’d been attempting to negotiate a fight with up until last week.

Unbeaten welterweight contender Ortiz feels that it’s impressive that the former four-division world champion Canelo (56-1-2, 38 KOs) would be willing to go up to 175 to challenge a fighter as good as Bivol (18-0, 11 KOs). That says something about Canelo if he takes this step.

Although this won’t be the first time that Alvarez went up to 175 to challenge for a world title, it would be a different story if he fought Bivol, who is in the prime of his career.

When Canelo briefly moved up to 175 in 2019, it was to challenge the aging, vulnerable WBO light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev for his title.

Kovalev was nowhere near the fighter he’d been seven years earlier when he was in his 20s and knocking everyone out. Also, the fight looked peculiar in the eyes of some boxing fans, believing that Kovalev intentionally took it easy on Canelo.

The fans’ perception was that Canelo skillfully cherry-picked a shot [aka washed up] champion in Kovalev to win a belt rather than taking on the dangerous champions Artur Beterbiev and Bivol.

Now two years later, it’s possible that Canelo could be on the verge of taking a real risk by facing Bivol for his WBA 175-lb.

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It’s unclear whether Canelo will be fighting for Bivol’s title or not, as the Russian fighter has volunteered to give him a huge handicap by coming down to 168 to make it easier on him.

If Bivol comes down in weight to fight Canelo, the Mexican star won’t get as much credit if he beats him. Moreover, if Canelo loses to Bivol, it will look worse for him given the weight drop the Russian fighter endured.

“It’s a shame the fight fell through with Plant,” said Vergil Ortiz Jr to Fighthub on the Canelo vs. Caleb Plant negotiations fizzling out. “You never know.

“There are so many things that go in negotiations. It’s not black and white, so I really don’t know what to say about that.

“I was reading something on Twitter this morning saying ‘just the question itself that Canelo would fight Bivol, that in itself is saying that fight is bigger than the Plant fight in a way.’

Canelo vs. Bivol = bigger than Plant fight says Vergil Ortiz

“Yeah, Plant has the other belt to make Canelo undisputed, but seeing Canelo fight Bivol is like, ‘Oh, damn.’

“It kind of makes you feel excited for the fight. Maybe even a little bit more than the Plant fight.”

You can argue that there would be a lot more excitement if Canelo chose to fight Bivol rather than Plant because he’s a more solid fighter and considered #2 in the 175-lb division behind Artur Beterbiev.

In the case of Caleb Plant, he’s not viewed as the #2 fighter at 168. Canelo and David Benavidez are seen as the two best fighters at super middleweight, and some would say that David Morrell Jr. and Carlos Gongora are also better fighters than Plant.

It’s hard to picture Plant, with his stamina problems and lack of power, beating any of those guys. For all intents and purposes, Plant is a belt-holder and nothing more.

Canelo vs. Bivol = bigger than Plant fight says Vergil Ortiz

He’s someone that was put in the perfect position to win an easy title by being matched against a weak champion Jose Uzcategui for the IBF super middleweight title in January  2019.  If Plant had to fight Benavidez or Morrell for his IBF belt, he would have never become a world champion.

“Hey, if it happens, that’s going to be a great fight, and I got Canelo against anyone,” Ortiz Jr continued about Alvarez facing Bivol. “Oh yeah,” said Vergil in agreeing that the Canelo-Bivol fight is more exciting than the Plant fight due to Bivol’s size and strength.

“Of course, once he [Canelo] beats him, it’s just cherry-picking. You know how people are,” said Ortiz.

Canelo might not get credit if he drags Bivol down to 168 to fight him because it’s a different story when you have a fighter coming down in weight by that amount without the benefit of a catchweight.

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  1. What other champ besides canelo moves through weight divisions looking for belts! Call it cherry picking, but no one else is taking the risk.

    • P.E.D using cheat is the only thing that makes sense but You still can’t prove that. However, the Charlo Bros are not anywhere near Canelo’s league. Did u see their last 2 fights? Hmmmm

    • Nah charlo bros ain’t ready for canelo… it’ll be a great bout to watch but not a threat to canelo.. easy W

      Not much of a challenge

  2. I think canelo is pound for pound the best ever . His all round skills offencely and his defense skills have improved greatly
    But most of all his punching power is like a heavy weight . I’d give him a great shot at beating any light heavyweight . Go canelo 💪🐯👍

  3. Beterbiev, possibly well most likely would win at 175 and I’m Not a Canelo fan just saying right now I really don’t know if Canelo can be beat.. Every time I think he. Is gonna be in a tough fight he murders em. Personally I think Plant dodged a hell of a bullet and he knows it..

    • Yeah , right canelo want all this favoritism and got it and still didn’t take the fight . What a diva . 6 years He avoided Charlo both brothers and Demetrius Andre ..Running like a little bi<<ch ..

    • The walls are closing in on Canelo. It’ll be a disgrace if he can’t get a fight made. Using Similar to diva tactics he used on Plant negotiations.

    • Canelo is thinking hard under those silk sheets: Canelo [thinking] they knew I would come for Plant, my well is running dry I can’t fool the public anymore. My next fight can’t be at 175 I’m stuck. I guess I’ll be like Tyson Fury or Ryan Garcia oh I forgot they learned those Ducking techniques from me.

  4. I believe the same, if Canelo comes up on his next fight, they gonna say that it was fix, they still gonna say something, and the saddest thing is that most of the people that don’t like Canelo, are his own people; but no matter what they say, Canelo is a baddest boxer; GO Canelo 💪

  5. There mentioning everyone but artur betterbiev, no one wants to fight him, betterbiev didnt get a shot at the title until he was well in his 30s and still knocking out everyone he fights, but everyone is avoiding the baddest lightheavyweight fighter of all time, its a shame everyone is avoiding him because theyre afraid of him, managers, trainers dont want there moneymakers to get hurt, but artur sure brings excitement to the ring, there waiting for him to get older.

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