Roach On Pacquiao: If There’s Another Fight After This, It’s Going To Be One Of The Best Guys Out There

By James Slater - 08/03/2021 - Comments

Most fans seem to feel the upcoming fight superstar and living legend Manny Pacquiao will have with Errol Spence will be the 42 year old great’s swansong, win or lose. Surely, at age 42, after such a long and highly distinguished ring career, retirement would be fully understandable, expected, for Manny after August 21st.

But trainer Freddie Roach has spoken of the possibility of another fight after Spence; presuming Pac Man is victorious later this month. Speaking with The Sun, Freddie made it clear that if Manny does fight again after facing Spence, it will NOT be against Conor McGregor. That ship has sailed. No, Freddie says Pacquiao will fight “one of the best guys out there” if he does fight again having faced one of the very best guys out there in “The Truth.”

“Manny does not have any interest in fighting an MMA fighter, he wants to fight the best fighters out there,” Roach said. “If he can’t be at that level at boxing, then he doesn’t want to be boxing. He will retire and hopefully become president of his country. If there is another fight after this it’s not going to be McGregor, it will be against one of the best guys out there. It’s not going to be a guy from another sport. I want to see good boxing and that’s what you get from Manny Pacquiao. He’s always fought the best out there.”

There is no denying that. However, IF – and it is a big if in the opinion of some – Pacquiao can defeat Spence, he could very likely fight just about anybody of his choosing afterwards and it would sell. Manny is already a true great, but with the Spence challenge he is closing in on a whole different kind of greatness; the kind he will have all to himself. To defeat the man who is, depending on your view, the best or the second-best welterweight in the world, a man who is unbeaten and in his prime, this at age 42 after over a quarter of a century in the sport!?

Indeed, Manny would be in a class all by himself. Will the Spence fight be Pacquiao’s last? Maybe it should be, win, lose or draw. You know who you’ll be rooting for come August 21.

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57 thoughts on “Roach On Pacquiao: If There’s Another Fight After This, It’s Going To Be One Of The Best Guys Out There”

  1. It will be crawford after crawford flatlines porter.
    He can always face mayweather win or lose to crawford. Mayweather has lost it. Hes not on pac or crawfords level now.

  2. This will be a fight of the year. Both southpaws and like to mix it up. Spence has the edge in reach, height and age. But Manny’s speed and experience will prevail. The GOAT will come out victor via decision. I will not miss this fight as this might be a farewell and last for the GOAT. Enjoy the fight boxing fans.

  3. One thing for sure.. I’m enjoying very much of pac man boxing style, it is indeed very2 interesting with full of throwing action.. not that with all boring with full of avoiding techniques running here and there.

  4. When you look at the fight of Pac and Floyd and pretend these two fighter with no names 100% Pac won the fight.

    • Your delusional You must not no anything about boxing .Mayweather won easily Remember it’s point Meaning landed punches So advise you to look at it in slowmotion so maybe you can under stand the Craft of Mayweather the real Goat .🤪

  5. Manny’s career is so much more credible than Floyd Jr’s. Manny is a throw back to the greatest, toughest era in history; Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, Duran, Benitez, Pryor, Arguello, Sanchez. Manny fought the best of the best, multiple times, in their prime, Win, Lose, or Draw. Let money take care of itself. Doesn’t matter how the Pacquiao-Spence fight turns out; Manny just steps in against the best irregardless.

    • Why do PAC fans obsess over FMJ???
      FML is truly the GOAT, making champions look ordinary as he did too PAC.

      FMJ has been retired for years, him robbing the gen public with those sideshow mismatches are a joke with him laughing all the way to the banks.

      Hell , he hasn’t been close to fighting shape since the Chino fights .

      Enough with the fmj obsession guys, he’s long gone

  6. This is it! Manny..Manny! The greatest of them all! History speaks for itself!
    Win for the PHILIPPINES!!
    GOD BLESS!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👊


    • Agree! Manny proclaimed by boxing fans as the GOAT, Mayweather proclaimed himself as the best ever.😂

  7. You have proved enough Manny enough after this think 🤔 about your self and enjoy life with God and the family

  8. What I like about Manny Pacquiao is he is a classy classy individual let alone a real professional boxer and does not shy away from anybody. He does only want to fight the best but he also works for almighty God. His devotion for him gives him strength in many areas. And God appreciate that immensely that type of man. Let’s just hope and pray that both of these Fighters come out of the ring with all of their faculties in order.

  9. Floyd will never fight pac. Hes scared to lose being undefeated. Itwas a draw when pac fought him Just my opinion

    • I thought pac won. Floyd ran and held on for dear life. The ref didn’t make him stop holding. Plus Manny had a bum shoulder. May had spies in Manny’s camp👀. For what??? Because he had a STD. SCARED TO DEATH!!!!!!

    • Draw???? What fight were you watching??? Fmj won clearly but he did fight very carefully which makes it boring

    • Yes Bud is the King because he fought that dude from the bar and the bum from that weight class and.. oh yeah he is constantly fighting his 88 year old promoter… lol. Bud is good and maybe great but he hasn’t beaten anybody great to claim his greatness.. um. Period.

  10. How about
    Mayweather? He should be challenged cuz mayweather thinks he is the best.
    May W should prove ghahd is the best.

    • Survey pra ka Duterte media para kay Duterte, WHO pra kay Duterte, may talo pa ba yan??? Taong bayan sawa na sa Duterte

  11. There are a few good fights I would like to see pacman with

    Pac vs Canelo (catch weight)
    Pac vs Loma (drop weight)
    Pac vs Nayoa Inoue (drop weight)
    Pac vs Crawford
    Pac vs Davis

    • More like Crawford next . Others highly doubt it especially Loma who’s fighting Lopez after kambosas.

  12. Pacman at age 42? Well, just cross your fingers comes August 21 and you’ll know the result!

  13. Manny is the GOAT of boxing! Always giving the public a good fight. I’ve been watching boxing since the early 70s and the Pacman is pound for pound one of the best ever. Never dodging a fight and never running in the ring like some. Good luck Pacman and God speed.

    • PAC Man already lost to a Brother name Floyd Mayweather Jr.. and others beat him…. Floyd also has the best and flawless welterweight record ever in history…no Black or White or Cuban or Mexican or any other nationality has been able to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr….Floyd is The G.o.a.t in Welterweight Boxing..but Michael Phelps is the G.o.a.t.. With 8 Gold Championships more than anyone in Sports..

  14. They are two of my favorite boxers, so very exciting, such skill and professionalism will be in this match.

  15. next we will see big bud learn how to keep his tongue in his mouth,after that,im done with boxing

    • Crawford is a joke he has been carried his career and has his shot with manny but tossed it. Spence is weak and his most challenging fight was with porter . Porter will win a battle with Crawford .

  16. Pack Man,,For sure…..I want to c him win by KO…Yes…He is the best in his class…He is not that old too….What u say?

  17. Mr roach I have a great deal of respect for you, you are truly a great trainer and future hall of famer icon . I just can’t help of thinking why doesn’t he retire? I get it its his passion and he still has it and boxers should NEVER! underestimate him I don’t have the convincing words to say so I guess onward with his passion lol take care and keep up the good job you’ve been doing 🥊🥊🥊


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