Callum Smith discusses Liam getting personal with Eubank Jr

By Michael Collins - 01/20/2023 - Comments

Callum Smith says his brother Liam’s comments aimed at Chris Eubank Jr during Thursday’s final press conference will add to the fight and help the build-up for their match this Saturday night at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

Liam (32-3-1, 19 KOs) crossed the line by making homophobic remarks about Eubank Jr (32-2, 23 KOs), saying that he’d never seen him with any girls before. He then repeated the comment, which led to Eubank Jr saying that he’d heard that he’d cheated on his wife.

What was already an ugly press conference seemed to turn sour once Liam took it into the mud, veering away from discussing his fight with Eubank Jr and focusing on his sexual preference.

Callum says Liam will benefit by going up in weight from 154 to 160 and will be stronger at middleweight and full of energy to defeat Eubank Jr.

“It got a little bit heated; it got a little bit personal. It adds to the build-up to get people talking,”  said Callum Smith to Eat Sleep Boxing Repeat about the back & forth trash talking between Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith during Thursday’s final press conference.

“As a fighter myself, I’d rather get in there and get the job done on the weekend, but they’re so different with personalities. You’re always going to get them clashing. At the first press conference, they clashed. They’ll probably clash tomorrow at the weigh-in.

It gets people talking. It makes for a good fight, and hopefully, the fight delivers from the build-up. No, because anybody that knows Liam will tell you that’s Liam from day to day,” said Callum when asked if Eubank Jr had gotten into Smith’s head.

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If you go with Liam for coffee, if a debate comes up, that’s the way he’ll act. My mom always said he’ll cause an argument and empty out. That is Liam, and that’s the way he is, and I think he’d act that way to anyone regardless.

“I don’t believe Chris is in his head. It just gives him a little bit more motivation to win, and I think we’ve seen that in this camp. He’s had a very, very good camp. He’s performed well. I believe the six pounds benefit him more than what people imagine.

“You’ll see a better version of Liam, and I think the best version of Liam wins. Coming from somebody that has moved up in weight myself, I don’t think you realize how much it benefits you until you do it.

“Liam is full of energy. Even his last few sessions, he’s been full of energy where he’s starting to deplete getting closer to weigh-in. All this kind of stuff becomes less enjoyable, but he’s in a good place. Mentally & physically, he’s had a good camp.

“He’s done everything he can to make sure the best version of him steps foot in the ring on Saturday night and I’m fully confident he does that, and fully confident that he gets the job done,” said Callum.