Broner v Maidana – PUNCH POETRY


Maidana did what he said, silencing Broner putting the problem to bed.

He entered the arena with mic in hand,
All guns blazing he had the upper-hand,
Maidana knew what he had to do,

To hurt Broner – show him something new,
The second round and Broner hits the floor,

Invincible reputation slung out of the door,

Despite some losses Maidana’s a beast,
He may be older but he has serious power at least,

Broner looked bemused as the overhand right took effect,

Struggling to find his in ring dominance and trying to connect,

All the talk if he lost he would be toast,

He needed to back up his pre-match boast,

But what transpired was a great match,
Not some easy points decision or quick despatch,

Broner learnt the hard way coming up against Maidana

Unamused and unprovoked with all the pre match drama,

Maidana set about his task with mean intent,

Wherever Broner was in the ring off Maidana went,

He took Broner’s shots but kept coming back,

Walking him down with another relentless attack,

Broner did have his moments but for the most was out hustled,

By the beast of a man and pure Argentinian muscle,

In the 8th round it happened again,
As Broner dropped looking in pain,

Both fighters played their part,

On display were guts and heart,

Maidana walked through broners punches and put him down,

To rightly take victory and walk away with the WBA Welterweight crown!

Andrew Picken