Boxing tournaments are clearly the way to go!

Evander Holyfield’s co-promoted Eight-Man welterweight tourney set to begin in April

With the enormous success of the ongoing WBSS tournaments that are still to be decided at both cruiserweight and at super-middleweight (with more planned for the future, at additional weight classes) it’s clear many people feel tournaments are the way to go – that they are the future of this great sport even.

And newly turned promoter, former four-time heavyweight king Evander Holyfield, in conjunction with the WBC, is excited about the eight-man welterweight tournament his promotional outfit, Real Deal Boxing will unleash in April. The tournament, an eight-man single-elimination event, will begin (at a site to be determined) on April 27, Dan Rafael of reports.

Entering the tourney will be:

Felix Diaz, 19-2(9), Chris van Heerden, 25-2-1(12), Fredrick Lawson, 26-1(21), Radzhab Butaev, 8-0(6), Brad Solomon, 27-1(9), Timo Schwarzkopf, 18-1(10) Derrieck Cuevas, 16-0-1(13) and Baishanbo Nasiyiwula, 13-1-1(6).

As alternates that may be needed in the event of injury, there will be: Mauricio Pintor, 20-3-1(13), Paddy Gallagher, 13-3(8), Sergiy Lubkovich, 7-0(6) and Francisco Santana, 26-6-1(12).

Obviously not all of these fighters have big, recognisable names, but there are some familiar boxers in the field all the same. Decent money will be on offer, with the two finalists getting $75,000 each, the winner a bonus of $25,000. And, perhaps most interestingly, fight fans themselves will have the chance to vote on who fights who in the quarter finals: voting ending on February 26 at noon; to vote go to The Real Deal Boxing Website.

A quick look at the names involved, and big-hitting Fredrick Lawson jumps out as one to watch, as does the experienced, classy Chris van Heerden. Tournaments of this kind are really proving a hit with fans and here’s hoping that the Jose Sulaiman Invitational proves to be a big success.

There are some potential thrillers to be made up from the eight fighters taking part, that’s for sure. The more success tournaments of this kind prove to have, the more we will see. And that can only be a good thing. No picking and choosing, just the best fighting the best. What’s not to like?