BoMac McIntyre: “Bud Crawford Outboxes Canelo, Beats His Ass!”

By James Slater - 03/17/2024 - Comments

Will we actually see a fight go down between Mexican star Canelo Alvarez and consensus pick for current pound-for-pound best in the world Terence Crawford? The fight has proven an interesting topic of conversation for some fans, while others have shot it down, claiming, with some justification, that the sheer size difference between the two modern greats makes the fight an unrealistic one.

This doesn’t mean the fight will not happen, however. And after Canelo’s May 4 date with Jaime Munguia is done, Canelo will begin looking towards a September fight. Canelo has gone on record as saying he will not fight Crawford, that he would get little to zero credit for beating such a smaller man. But Crawford’s trainer, BoMac McIntyre, wants to see the fight happen.

And, in speaking with Fight Hype last night, BoMac said that “Bud” would “beat his ass.”

How? By outboxing Canelo, McIntyre said.

“Bud beats his ass,” BoMac said when asked what happens if Crawford does fight Canelo. “Outbox his ass, just outbox him. It [the weight difference] don’t matter – Bud been fighting big people all his f*****g life. Power? We know how to roll with punches…..we’ll take your power away from you. How do you take the power away from a power-puncher? I ain’t gonna tell you! Timing. [If the fight happens] it’d be an Errol Spence-Crawford II. I respect that [Canelo said he would gain nothing from the fight], because you get beat by the smaller man, now you gonna look like an a** h***. Hard boxing fans know that Bud could beat Canelo. He might be bigger, but he don’t got the height, he ain’t got the reach. He’s got a good boxing IQ, but he don’t have that crazy IQ that Terence has.”

BoMac does seem very, very confident his guy Bud would handle Canelo. Yes, the fans that disagree will say, he’s bound to come across this way. But BoMac brings up a good point when he points to Canelo’s height and reach – at 5’8” apiece, the two men are the same height, while Crawford’s reach is listed at 74-inches, Canelo’s at a fraction above 70-inches. Could Crawford outbox Canelo the way BoMac says, no, insists would the the case?

Who wouldn’t watch this fight to find out? Whether this one happens will come down, ultimately, to Canelo, as he calls the shots and does what he wants to do. McIntyre says Canelo will stop Munguia on May 4, but as far as what Canelo does next, this remains very much up in the air.

David Benavidez aside, it could be argued that Crawford is the most interesting next challenger for the Mexican king.

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