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Bob Arum says Terence Crawford will fight again in October: “Amir Khan could be a possibility”

Does a Terence Crawford-Amir Khan fight appeal to you, or at least the (probably very small) possibility of one? Crawford’s promoter Bob Arum spoke to Ring Magazine earlier in the week, and the Top Rank boss said the newly crowned WBO welterweight champion will next fight in October, and that “Amir Khan could be a possibility.”

Arum listed a few other possibilities, including Lucas Matthysse (if Matthysse either beats Manny Pacquiao next month or if, as Arum feels could be the case, the fight between Matthysse and Manny Pacquiao doesn’t come off – Arum is sceptical over the funding for the scheduled Kuala Lumper fight) – but the Khan possibility stands out. Okay, most fans will instantly shoot down the fight, claiming it has next to no competitive value, that there is only one winner: Crawford.

But Khan, with his sheer speed, of hand mostly, might just give the pound-for-pound star a few problems; at least for a few rounds. Yes, eventually, the thinking is, Crawford would begin to hit the target more and more regularly and Khan’s mandible would again let him down. But has Crawford ever met a faster fighter before in his career (Yuriorkis Gamboa perhaps)?

Arum says he will talk to Khan about the fight:

“Amir Khan could be a possibility, I have to talk to him. He’s a free agent if he fights in the US,” Arum said.

It would be interesting to see what Khan thinks about this huge possibility, and what Eddie Hearn, with whom the former 140 pound champ has recently signed up with, thinks about it. Maybe Khan – a man who has never looked to duck and dodge the big, big fights – will find the idea of fighting Crawford a whole lot more appealing than finally taking that big domestic grudge-match with Kell Brook.

It’s probably just a small notion in Arum’s mind and not too much more, but judging by the fan comments I’ve read there is interest in a Crawford-Khan fight. And just imagine, if you can, what a stunner it would be, how enormous it would be, if Khan somehow pulled off a win!