Benavidez Sr: “Canelo is done as a fighter”

By Vladimir S - 02/21/2023 - Comments

“Canelo is done as a fighter”: José Benavidez Sr is not interested in a fight between David and Saul anymore; he wants Bivol

Saúl “Canelo” Alvarez is done as a fighter and that is the reason why Jose Benavidez Sr is not interested anymore in a fight between his son David, and Canelo. He prefers to focus on Dmitry Bivol as an ultimate goal after completing his campaign in the 168 pounds division.

“I consider him (Canelo), with all due respect, done as a fighter”, Jose Benavidez Sr told IZQUIERDAZO. “He is worn out. First, we saw him with a knee injury, and now he injured his hand. Now, we can see that Canelo is starting to drink, he is starting to enjoy life, and he has all the right to do that, because he has been a very disciplined fighter. I think that he has many businesses now, and is not focused 100% on boxing. Now, he is playing golf, a sport that needs a lot of time and dedication. My opinion is that Canelo should stay at golf, and start a career there. I have heard that he is very good at golf, and there is no age limit to play that sport”.

Benavidez thinks that Canelo is starting to look at rivals such as John Ryder, because he knows he can’t compete any longer against elite level opposition.

“Canelo has given everything he could against elite opposition”; Benavidez said. “Now he only has to look for fighters like Ryder or Berlanga. He is no longer at the level to challenge elite rivals. He is in the position to fight rivals that don’t pose any threat for him. He used to say that David Benavidez didn’t bring anything to the table for him, that David Benavidez didn’t deserve the fight, that David hasn’t fought anybody. But just tell me, with whom did Yildirim fight? Against whom did Ryder fight?”

That is the reason why David Benavidez has other plans: make three fights at 168, and if his body changes, move up to 175. Canelo is not in his plans anymore.

“I have bad news to everybody: there will not be a fight between David Benavidez and Canelo”, José Sr said. “Forget about that fight, we have other horizons”.

Benavidez Sr revealed the three rivals that his son will fight next.

“We have a contract for three fights with (David) Morell, (Jermall) Charlo and (Demetrius) Andrade”, Jose Sr. said. “Those are very good fights, names that Canelo Alvarez didn’t want to fight. So, we are going to fight with them to show who we are”.

And after completing his campaign at 168, he would move up to 175.

“Maybe next year, David’s body might change”, José Sr said. “And we are ready to go to 175 and we can fight Bivol. We would get revenge for Canelo. Bivol is a dangerous fighter, and it would be an honor for us to have revenge for Mexico. I think Bivol and Beterbiev are willing to fight anybody. They are not looking for easy fighters, they don’t ask to put clauses, don’t demand that much. They are true fighters that really want to fight any rival”.

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