Arum Feels Tyson Fury’s Next Fight Should Be In UK; Whyte, Joyce Both Options

Tyson Fury is yet to make any kind of official, or even semi-official, statement on what his next move might be, who he will or will not fight next. There is a possibility Fury might retire, but this does seem unlikely for a number of reasons (Fury has said that without boxing and the love of training he has, he will be “miserable,” also a news story has come out that says Fury was looking at what his next fight would be as he was sat on the plan home from his third battle with Deontay Wilder).

Bob Arum, however, seems to think Fury will fight no later than April, and that it should really be a UK homecoming. Speaking with Sky Sports, Arum said he thinks it’s “very, very important that Tyson, having done his last five fights in the US, goes back and does a fight in the UK.” And Arum put two possible names forward: Dillian Whyte and Joe Joyce.

Both fights would be attractive, big fights, especially here in the UK. Whyte must wait and see what happens with the fall-out regarding his scheduled fight with Otto Wallin, with Whyte now aiming to move on for good and go straight into a fight with Fury. If Whyte is not allowed to do this, it could be Joyce who gets the next crack at Fury, while we wait and see what happens with the Oleksandr Usyk-Anthony Joshua rematch; the winner of that fight, we hope, going into a massive unification showdown with Fury.

Both Whyte and Joyce are dangerous, yet Fury would be a significant favourite to beat either man. Of the two, Joyce might be the more formidable test for Fury. No disrespect to the hard-working Whyte, but Joyce is unbeaten and he does have the look of a big man who just might not be capable of being knocked out in a fight. “The Juggernaut” is a rock-solid, cannot-be-moved object, that’s for sure. How would Fury cope with a man who is about as heavy, and very possibly as strong, as he is?

Arum, though, made it clear that Fury will fight who Fury wants to fight. “Who Fury fights will be determined by Fury,” the Top Rank boss said.

Until we hear it from Fury’s mouth, there really is no telling what he may or may not do next. Fury has also spoken of the possibility of his going into MMA. Fury’s tried his hand at wrestling, so who knows?