Joshua boiling over, wants all-out ‘War’ with Usyk in rematch

Anthony Joshua seemingly snapped mentally on Tuesday, sounding angry during an interview, saying he wants “WAR” with his conqueror Oleksandr Usyk, and he may even throw him to the ground on the night. Joshua’s primary concern now is to win the rematch above all else.

Joshua (24-2, 22 KOs) isn’t handling his recent loss to Usyk well from the looks of it, as he sounds like he’s haunted mentally from the recurring images of his 12 round drubbing last September at the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium in London, England.

Before that fight, Joshua had the look of someone mentally shattered from the horrors he experienced in his loss to Andy Ruiz Jr. in 2019.

It’s widely known that Joshua has recently been scouring the United States searching for a trainer to help him for his rematch with Usyk.

Joshua wants to bring a U.S trainer back to the UK and work alongside his longtime coach Rob McCracken. We’ll see if that works out for Joshua because, as the saying goes, ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth.

AJ has gained insight from his losses and he’s concluded that for him to win his rematch and save his career, drastic and harsh measures need to be taken.


“I’m done with f***ing losing. I’m done with trying to learn the sweet science. He might get thrown on the floor in the next fight because this is war. It’s just straight war; I’m annoyed.

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“I’m boiling up even speaking about it – it’s that passion to win,” said Joshua to iFL TV on him wanting to rip Usyk to shreds.

“For me, I have one thing in my mind – that’s war, that’s murder, that’s to go out there and hurt the guy and take his soul to the point where he wants to give up,” said Joshua.

What is happening to Joshua? This is what you sometimes see from a fighter that has lived a reality of near-constant warfare for too many years.

Gone is the happy-go-lucky Joshua that we once knew, and what’s left is this war-scarred individual, who sounds like he’s ready to win by any means necessary.

We can only guess what kind of person Joshua was before he was affected by his debilitating losses to Ruiz and Usyk. He now seems jaded, bitter, and angry.

This will be interesting to see to what levels  Joshua is going to go to get the victory next March against Usyk. It’s safe to say the boxing rulebook won’t apply for this one.

Usyk has seen a lot himself during his many years fighting in the amateurs in Ukraine, and he’s not going to roll over when he sees Joshua going nuts inside the ring.

7 thoughts on “Joshua boiling over, wants all-out ‘War’ with Usyk in rematch”

  1. Nobody’s able to flop around gloves like fury, he is taught by the magic of sugar hill Stewart, flippity floppity flipping as I f there was an eggweight in the left glove.

  2. Joshua has got to consistently keep his foot on the outside. And not give up the foot placement. No matter what. If he can do this, he has a chance.

  3. Don’t blame fury if Anthony Joshua loses because fury offered to teach Anthony Joshua how to do the fancy way of flopping gloves around all over the place and no padding. Anthony Joshua refused fury’s offer.

  4. If Joshua want to win he must be very aggressive. The man has the body and skills but he is too afraid to use them.
    He must fight like way he fought against klischo .
    I was a big fan of AJ. up to his last fight where he shamefully lost to the guy who is smaller and less powerful.
    AJ. Your next fight be aggressive and use your power against anyone you may happen to be in a ring with.
    Your fan from

  5. Joshua boiling over…. LMAO!!! you had your shot and you blew it. Just like Wilder. Let’s have Wilder vs Joshua now, to sort things out. Neither are very smart in the ring, both have a laundry list of excuses in a loss, so a good opportunity to see if they can improve their craft, and who wants to continue a career and who needs to retire. Both have a glass jaw.

  6. Terrible writing. Absolute garbage. Joshua did not get drubbed by Usyk. The fight was widely considered to be even after 8 rounds. Hardly a “drubbing”. Joshua got tired in the championship rounds from all that unnecessary “rabbit chasing”. Correct a bad fight plan and he’ll do much better in the rematch.

  7. It looks like the white man always gets what he wants and the white man always wanted fury vs Anthony Joshua.

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