Andy Ruiz Wants To Work With Eddy Reynoso, Box A Tune-Up, Then Fight Luis Ortiz

It sounds like a plan, hopefully for former heavyweight champ Andy Ruiz, a plan that, if it comes to fruition, will prove to be one that sees him get redemption.

Still, to fight again since his December 7 rematch loss to Anthony Joshua, Ruiz has been looking for a new trainer, and he has pondered who he should fight when he is able to do so (like every other boxer, Ruiz is waiting for the schedule to get back to normal once the coronavirus has been KO’d).

So what’s the latest on “The Destroyer,” and what is his current plan? Appearing on a recent Instagram Live Story, with WBA president Gilberto Mendoza, Ruiz said he hopes to work with trainer Eddy Reynoso, that there has been talk between the two.

“We’ve been talking with Canelo’s team; I think that would be a good one for me to join if we go that way,” Ruiz said. “Right now, there hasn’t been any contract signed, but I would like to go with Team Canelo.”

Interesting stuff, and maybe Reynoso – who trains not only Canelo but also Oscar Valdez and the red-hot Ryan Garcia – is the right guy for Ruiz. The 30-year-old also conversed with Mendoza with regards to his next fight, his comeback fight. Mendoza offered a short-list, comprising of Deontay Wilder, Oleksandr Usyk, Trevor Bryan, and Luis Ortiz. Of the four names, it seems Ortiz is by far the most available and realistic for Ruiz. And Ruiz says he wants the fight after he’s boxed a tune-up.

Let’s see if Reynoso – who recently said to ESPN how it would be “an honor to work with the first heavyweight champion of Mexican descent” – decides Ruiz is a fighter worth putting in a ton of effort for.

As for that Ruiz-Ortiz fight, who wouldn’t want to see it? It’s a most interesting one, and we would likely find out a good deal about both men if the fight took place. Who is hungriest at this stage – the Cuban southpaw or the Mexican-American former champ?