Andy Ruiz “In Talks” with Luis Ortiz and Dillian Whyte For September Fight

07/15/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

According to Fox Deportes, former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz is “in talks” with both Luis Ortiz and Dillian Whyte for a fight to take place some time in September. Nothing is close to final yet but it’s good news that “The Destroyer” is looking to get in there with another big name.

As fans know, a “rusty’ Ruiz had to get off the deck to win a way tougher than expected decision win over a motivated Chris Arreola in the fight that saw Ruiz return to the ring following his dreadful performance against Anthony Joshua in their return fight. Now, with both Ortiz and Whyte calling him out, Ruiz seems to be headed in the right direction as far as fighting one of them.

Thete has been a good deal of talk regarding Ruiz-Ortiz and Ruiz-Whyte, with Whyte especially giving the first ever Mexican-American heavyweight ruler plenty of abuse on social media. Ruiz has said a number of times how he would love to shut Whyte up.

Both possible fights are good fights, solid matchups. Ortiz is old as dirt yet the Cuban lefty is dangerous. Whyte is one of the hungrier, I’ll fight anyone heavies out there right now. Whyte may have two fights in America vthis year, one in August then another later on in the year. The word is Whyte will face Jermain Franklin next, so maybe he will fight Ruiz after that. Or maybe Ortiz is more likely to get the Ruiz fight. Franklin might just give Whyte a tough time of things, and if so, would Whyte then want to head into a tough one with Ruiz?

As a fan of all three fighters, Ruiz, Whyte and Ortiz, either fight is appealing and most welcome. Let’s hope we do get to see Ruiz vs Ortiz or Ryiz vs Whyte here in 2021.

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