Andy Ruiz “Back In The Gym On Monday,” Mentions Luis Ortiz And Dillian Whyte As Possible Next Opponents

Former heavyweight champ Andy Ruiz was a guest on Mike Tyson’s Hot Boxin’ podcast yesterday and the first Mexican-American heavyweight champion in history spoke about his immediate future.

Tyson, chilled, with joint in hand, told Ruiz how his comeback win over Chris Arreola “was beautiful,” the living legend telling Ruiz not to be so hard on himself for having been knocked down in the fight.

Ruiz said he will be back in the gym “on Monday” and when asked about who he might fight next, “The Destroyer” repeated two names: Dillian Whyte and Luis Ortiz. As fans know, Ruiz and Whyte have been going back and forth for some time, exchanging insults on social media. While Ortiz has again called out Ruiz.

“Me and Whyte have actually been going back and forth a lot and talking a lot of s*** to each other,” Ruiz said. “It would be a good fight between me and him.

“I was so happy with Povetkin beat Whyte with that uppercut because I feel like Whyte doesn’t respect other fighters. Whyte was winning that first fight but he got cocky and got caught. But Whyte got the job done when he beat him in the rematch.

‘Me versus him is a good fight. Ortiz, he’s called me out again and that’s a good fight for me. I just have to stay ready, be in shape for whatever opportunities come.”

Some fans felt Ruiz was a little easy to hit in the Arreola fight, the 12 round battle proving to be a way tougher fight than plenty of people felt would be the case going in.

But Tyson told Ruiz again and again how he should be proud of his performance, telling Ruiz that “most guys, they don’t want to continue when they get knocked down.”

Ortiz or Whyte, who would you prefer to see Ruiz fight next? Ruiz added that his ultimate fight is one with Tyson Fury, and “Iron Mike” said he himself would love to see that fight.

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Ruiz needs a big win over a top-ranked guy, and Whyte or Ortiz both fit the bill. Ortiz wants it, but does Whyte? I have a feeling we will be seeing a Ruiz-Ortiz fight later this year.

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