Amir Khan Vs. Kell Brook……Finally? Brook Says He’s Signed The Contract

Are you still interested in seeing long-time – as in extremely long-time – rivals Kell Brook and Amir Khan fight? For so many years, these two talked and argued and teased the British boxing fans with, well, talk of the two bitter rivals getting it on. Go back a few years, maybe a few more, and Khan Vs. Brook would have been genuine Box-Office stuff. But now, in 2021 or 2022?

It seems the fight that would give the people who get paid to come up with a tagline for a fight – “Finally!” being an ever so obvious for this years-too-late showdown – could actually happen next year. Brook spoke with IFL TV today, and the Sheffield man said he has signed on for the fight. Looking in good physical shape, Brook was all smiles as he confirmed that he has put pen to paper, and Brook added how it is now Khan’s turn to sign the paperwork.

“I’ve signed my part of the fight,” Brook said today. “He just needs to come forward and sign his part and we’ve got the biggest fight in British boxing.”

We have, though, been here, or close to it, before. Will Khan actually sign? Brook wants to believe so, yet he knows he can only see this fight as the real deal if and when Khan signs. “I’ve felt this way before,” Brook said, remembering how the fight he has wanted for the longest time has frustratingly eluded him.

But it seems Khan has precious few other options than the Brook fight at this point in time; as is the case with Brook, who has no other option anywhere near as attractive at this juncture in his career (Brook understands this, saying no other fight than the Khan clash gets him interested and motivated).

Amir Khan, Kell Brook - Boxing News

So, once again when it comes to these two, the ball is in Khan’s court. Will he sign or not? Has this fight retained some appeal? It has, although it’s no way near the massive fight it could have been. Brook, 39-3(27) and Khan, 34-5(21) are both way past their best – Khan last fighting in 2019 when he took out the far too small Billy Dib, Brook last being seen being taken out by Terence Crawford a year ago – and we have no way of knowing how much either former champ will be capable of bringing to the ring if they do fight each other.

That said, throughout boxing history, we have seen two faded warriors get in there and together produce a great action fight. And Khan and Brook do have a healthy dislike for one another and maybe this will see to it that both men, each in his mid-30s, give it absolutely all they have left when they square off.

But is this fight still pay-per-view material? Is it still top dollar (or pound) material? If it does finally happen, we WILL have to pay to see Khan Vs. Brook in 2022, but in light of how faded a big fight between two once special fighters as this one now is, shouldn’t it be offered at a reduced, bargain price (as in significantly less than £25)?