Amir Khan Vs. Conor Benn: Will It Happen, And Who Wins If It Does?

This one would, as Eddie Hearn says, need next to no selling here in the UK: Amir Khan Vs. Conor Benn, a welterweight clash that would see age and experience go up against youth and ambition. And of course, the name factor would attract casual fans as well as hardcore fans. But will 34 year old Khan risk a fight with the unbeaten banger who is a decade the younger man?

Benn, who took out Samuel Vargas in just 80-seconds last night, sure wants the fight, Benn, 18-0(12) calling Khan out after his blistering display of speed and power. Hearn also wants the fight, the promoter telling Sky Sports it would be “an absolutely huge fight.” But again, does Khan want it? Khan, 34-5(21) and closing in on retirement has not fought since July of 2019, when he took out Billy Dib in four rounds in Saudi Arabia. But the former 140 pound champion has said he wants one more fight before walking away for good. Khan has been calling out (groan) Kell Brook (how out of date is this fight now?) but maybe big money, and a belief that he would be far too experienced, fast and polished for the still-green Benn, will tempt Khan into taking a fight with the emerging slugger as his swansong.

As Hearn says, Khan Vs. Benn is a truly fascinating fight. On the one hand, Benn could tag Khan’s notoriously unreliable chin and bag himself a huge name that looks good on his resume. One the other hand, Khan could outbox, out speed and generally outclass Benn over the 10 or 12 rounds. An argument could be made for either scenario unfolding. But could an argument be made for this fight to go out on P-P-V if it does happen? We’ll doubtless get to that later if the fight becomes a reality.

Right now, though, with Khan having been out for so long, and with Benn looking so good against common opponent Vargas (Khan had to go all 12 rounds to defeat Vargas back in 2018, Khan being knocked down and rocked bad more than once), the advantage looks to be with Benn. But again, would the gulf in experience prove to be too much if the British superstar from ten years ago met the emerging British star of today?

There really are a lot of interesting questions that can be asked about this possibility of a fight.