Babic Stops Molina In Two Wild Rounds – Boxing Results

By James Slater - 10/30/2021 - Comments

The “Savage” marches on. Tonight at The O2 in London, heavyweight contender Alen Babic was way too fast, aggressive and powerful for former two-time world title challenger Eric Molina. Babic dropped Molina mere seconds into the opening session with a right hook to the head and the ultra-quick win loomed. Molina was able to fire back, not really being given any chance to think, and the round ended. Babic decked Molina three more times in the second round, with the ending coming at the 1:30 mark as Molina stumbled to his feet but was waved off by the ref.

Babic is now 9-0(9), 39 year old Molina falls to 28-8(20) and retirement really does look to be his best option.

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Babic, 30 years old and a small heavyweight at just 214 pounds (Molina came in far heavier at 257) put it right on Molina at the sound of the opening bell and once again he gave the paying fans a show. Molina did test Babic’s chin with his right hand and for a short while a real slugfest looked to be shaping up. However, Molina’s punch resistance is far from formidable these days and soon the older man was complaining of being hit to the back of the head. Molina went down again as he slipped while throwing a shot, and the final knockdown came from a shot to the top of Molina’s head.

Babic, though, keeps his winning streak going and he gains more and more fan attention with each fight. Yet to be taken past the fifth round in a pro fight, Babic is fun each and every time he slings out leather. Babic really knows only one way to fight and that’s aggressively, whilst on the front foot. Who knows how far Babic can go? Molina came in at short-notice for Lucas Browne but he was unable to capitalise on what was surely his last chance at anything significant.

Babic looked as though he enjoyed himself tonight. There will be tougher fights to come in the future.

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