Alen Babic Sparring Tyson Fury For Chisora Trilogy Fight

By James Slater - 11/08/2022 - Comments

Babic Says Dec. 3 Fury-Chisora Fight Might Be Like Ali-Frazier III

Reigning WBC heavyweight champ Tyson Fury has received plenty of criticism for fighting Derek Chisora – who he is 2-0 over – for a third time, and rightly so. But Fury says he will make history on December 3, this by being the first heavyweight champion to have “completed two trilogies.” Now, plenty of people have jumped in to refresh Fury’s memory (or to try and help him with his knowledge of boxing history), by telling Fury how he will be far from the first heavyweight champ to have fought two trilogies – Ali and Frazier of course fought three times, as did Ali and Ken Norton, and Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe, and Holyfield and John Ruiz.

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But maybe, giving Fury the benefit of the doubt, “The Gypsy King” means he will be the first heavyweight champion to have WON two trilogies; three fights against the same guy, three wins. Fury is actually 2-0-1 against Deontay Wilder, yet most people have no argument agreeing with Fury when he says he won all three fights and that we can forget the drawn verdict that was handed in at the conclusion of the first fight these two bitter rivals had. And of course everyone feels Fury will wake up on December 4 of this year being 3-0 over Chisora.

As far as the upcoming trilogy fight with Chisora, Fury has brought in Alen Babic for sparring. Babic, a fan-friendly warrior in his own right, has been brought in because he has a style quite similar to that of Chisora. And “The Savage,” speaking with Seconds Out, says we shouldn’t sleep on Fury-Chisora III, the Croatian saying it might be the best fight of the three between the two British stars. Babic even went as far as to suggest the December 3 fight might be similar to the third and final act between Ali and Frazier, who saved their best fight for last.

“They called me yesterday. They see my style is similar to Chisora’s. They’re right,” Babic said when speaking about how his services were called upon by Team-Fury. “That’s why I came here. I want boxing to be my job. I’d pick maybe Tyson Fury (to win the fight). But you can never count Derek Chisora out. You saw what he did to Usyk in the first round. It was ‘wow!’ So, he can do the same to Fury. I think it’s a perfect fight. They are on a bit of a downward spiral, but they match perfectly. Like Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, the third fight. It was the best fight I ever saw.”

If we get to see anything like the action Ali and Frazier thrilled the planet with in Manila, we will all be hugely happy, and shocked, on December 3. Babic, as entertaining as he is as a fighter, could be a promoter, coming out as he has with such talk. Still, we have sometimes been surprised by the final instalment of a trilogy, where the last fight was the best – see the nobody-wanted-to-see-it third fight between Fury and Wilder, for example.

Maybe Chisora can somehow fight the fight of his career and give Fury sheer hell next month. Maybe. Most fans do think it will be the Tyson Fury Show all night long, and maybe it will be. But Fury is said to be training hard for the fight, as is Chisora. We can but hope for a great fight.

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