Tyson Fury Wins “The Big Brawl” With 12-Round UD Over Dereck Chisora, Takes British, Commonwealth Titles

By James Slater: Tonight in London, unbeaten contender Tyson Fury improved to 15-0(10) as he scored the biggest win of his career. The heavily hyped “Big Brawl” with defending British and Commonwealth champ Dereck Chisora resulted in a very good action fight, but 22-year-old Fury simply wanted it more than did the 27-year-old Londoner.

Prevailing by scores of 117-112 (twice) and 118-111, Manchester man Fury was a worthy winner. Later, he did say he’d hurt his left hand “quite badly.” It didn’t matter. Chisora, who raised eyebrows by coming in at a career-heavy 261-pounds, is now 14-1(9).

Chisora took the fight right to Fury in the opener, as he did most of the night. But Fury was the faster-handed fighter, the more versatile fighter and he simply worked harder. In close, Fury would either blast away with uppercuts or he would lay on the smaller man, looking to tire him out. Also, Fury showed good counter-punching skills at times.

The 2nd-round was arguably the defending two-belt champion’s best, as he landed with a left hand to the head. Hurting Fury, “Del Boy” unleashed a right and then really went for it. Fury replied with body work and a real war was shaping up in a great round of heavyweight action. Chisora also got home with a huge right hand upstairs. Towards the end of the torrid session Chisora scored with a left and a right, forcing Fury to hold on. There was another big right hand from the champion as the round came to a close.

Chisora missed wildly at times tonight, as he loaded up with his left or with his right. In the 3rd, Fury jabbed well, also letting go with one/twos. Chisora was now bleeding from the mouth and again loading up but missing.

Fury turned southpaw on a few brief occasions, notably in the 4th, but Chisora landed with a left hook to the head. Fury replied with a right hand upstairs. A closer round.

Fury enjoyed a dominant round in the 5th, as he fired off some good combos and two nice right hands to the head. Chisora looked a little tired, his bleeding mouth open. Fury really was teeing off in the last half of the round, with Chisora doing nothing but soaking it all up. There was a classy right to the head by Tyson at the bell.

Fury was in charge of the fight by the 6th, definitely. To body and head he was picking his punches well. Chisora swung wildly yet again, but missed with both a left and a right. There was then a good attack by the older man, before Fury had success with a right hand, Chisora did some good body work as the round closed.

Fury, his hands still fast and his confidence soaring, waved to the crowd in the 7th. This one was a messy round, however, with lots of holding on both parts. Chisora got through with a couple of rights to the head but overall Fury was the man doing the most work.

A right hand to the head made Fury back up at the start of the 8th, before he came back with his own right hand in close. Fury also let loose with some uppercuts on the inside. Chisora was now stuck in a corner, taking a breather as he talked to his challenger. Fury was content to contain his man, flicking his left jab out. There was yet more good body work by Fury, and he again switched stance briefly.

By the 9th it was clear Fury wanted it more. Chisora did manage a brief spell in which he weaved his way in with a good attack, but Fury soon had him on the ropes.

“The titles are going to Manchester!” Deal Powell, Chisora’s second bellowed between the 9th and 10th-rounds. In an effort at stopping this, Chisora had his best round in a while.

Chisora, doing nothing as Fury unloaded with both hands, suddenly exploded and the two traded shots in a tremendously exciting spell of action. Then Fury managed to get Chisora back in the same corner he’d been subdued in earlier, the champion again covering up. A very good round to watch.

Aside from the odd big shot thrown, Chisora had seen his best work come and go, and by the 11th he was often resting on the ropes or in a corner as Fury did all the punching – Chisora was gasping for air at times. Fury was still working with both hands in the final session, his great conditioning paying huge dividends. Chisora’s work-rate had dried up to a standstill almost, and Fury once again pinned him in a corner. There was one last effort at the bell by Chisora but it wasn’t anywhere near enough.

Fury knew he’d won, as did the crowd and Chisora and his team.

“Get behind this British heavyweight,” Fury implored the fans post-fight. Indeed we should.