Adrien Broner’s opponent suffers injury, fight off for Feb.25th

02/17/2023 - By Jeepers Isaac - Comments

Adrien Broner’s opponent Michael Williams Jr has a broken jaw and won’t be able to go through with their 10 round scheduled to fight on February 25th on BKL Prime pay-per-view in College Park, Georgia.

This is Broner’s third scheduled opponent for that date that has needed to be replaced. He started with Ivan Redkach, Hank Lundy, and finally, the 23-year-old Williams Jr.

Poor Broner is so unlucky, but perhaps it’s a good thing that Williams Jr is no longer fighting. Looking at Williams Jr in action, he would have been too much for Broner and likely would have exposed him as being over the hill.

AB has done an excellent job of getting in top shape for this fight, but it might be for nothing if a replacement can’t be found to face him on February 25th.

Broner plagued by bad luck

It’ll be up to BLK Prime whether they want to postpone the fight until Williams Jr is healthy enough to fight.

It won’t matter if another opponent is substituted to fight Broner because few boxing fans have heard of Williams Jr, so it won’t be the end of the world if a replacement is found to face AB on February 25th.

Obviously, if your Broner, you might be apprehensive about fighting a replacement opponent on eight days’ notice because that’s not a lot of time to prepare, and Adrien isn’t in the prime of his career to where he can be counted on to beat most fighters that are put in front of him.

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Options for Broner

David Avanesyan
Michael McKinson
Brandun Lee
Steve Spark
Montana Love
Jeremias Nakathila

If Broner is serious about wanting to challenge Regis Prograis this year for his WBC 140-lb title, he’s got to be able to beat the above fighters for him to be taken seriously as an opponent for a title shot.

Broner would have been at serious risk of losing to Williams Jr, and you could tell with the way AB was continually harping about this opponent that he was deeply worried about losing.

That problem is over with Broner, but now they got to find someone quick, and it’s got to be someone that the hardcore boxing fans have heard of for them to want to purchase thee fight on pay-per-view. Fans aren’t going to throw $40 away on a fight between Broner and a stiff.