Caleb Plant conversation with Canelo Alvarez in 9th round

11/08/2021 - By Jeff Sorby - Comments

Caleb ‘Sweethands’ Plant (21-1, 12 KOs) had an odd conversation with Canelo Alvarez (57-1-2, 39 KOs) in the ninth round last Saturday that came across like an insecure person, badly seeking reassurance from the Mexican star.

While the fans booed the running that Plant was doing in the ninth round, he was having back and forth dialogue with Canelo, which reeked of a fighter that was both insecure and seemingly buttering him up with praise. It was pathetic and transparent what Plant was doing.

Why would Plant praise Canelo during the course of a fight, and it would seem obvious. By flattering Canelo, the idea would be for the Mexican star to take it easy on him so that he could go the full 12 rounds.

Plant looked in dire straits by round nine, as he was badly fatigued and beginning to take punishment from the hard-hitting Canelo. It was obvious that Plant wasn’t going to see the 12th round with the way the fight was going.

That’s when Plant started talking with Canelo, treating him like an old friend rather than an adversary in a war.

Caleb Plant: “You’re pretty good. Am I pretty good?”

Canelo Alvarez: “Yeah.”

Plant: “This is a good fight right here.”

Canelo: “I like it.”

Plant: “I respect your skills.”

Canelo: “I know.”

Plant: “I’m pretty good for 21-0, huh?”

It’ll be interesting to see which direction Plant goes in with his career. He posted on social media this message:

With the right kind of match-making being done for him, it’s possible that Plant could capture another world title sooner or later. Once Canelo vacates his four straps, Plant will be in a prime position to snatch one up.

The super middleweight division is barren of talent, so Plant will be a champion again, but he clearly doesn’t belong inside the ring with the elite.

If this had been David Benavidez inside the ring with Plant last Saturday, he would have been in bad shape much quicker than he was against the slow-footed, lethargic-looking Canelo.

Benavidez is a superior fighter than Canelo in this writer’s view, especially now at this stage in the Mexican star’s career. He doesn’t throw enough punches to hang with a fighter like Benavidez, and, of course, Plant doesn’t either.

If Plant was hoping that his flattery would lead to Canelo giving him a rematch, he can forget about that. Canelo is moving on to bigger and better things for his next fight.

He says he wants to fight three to four times in 2022, and his opposition is expected to be the best in many years.

Canelo has taken a three-year break from fighting elite-level fighters while on his quest to become the undisputed champion in the weak 168-lb division.

There’s arguably only one good fighter in the entire division apart from Canelo, and that’s David Benavidez. He lost his WBC super middleweight title in 2020 when he came in overweight for a title defense against a badly overmatched Roamer Alexis Angulo.

Canelo can thank his lucky stars that he didn’t need to go through Benavidez to try and become the undisputed champion because his wheels may have fallen off just as badly as the woefully bad Plant.

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  1. If in fact that conversation was had in round 9, Plant fishing for a compliment, that’s the most idiotic dialogue I’ve ever heard! Where’s your head at, if you’re engaging like that unless you’re trying to ask Canelo not to hurt you, maybe let you finish upright on your feet. Insane dialogue. They should have not stopped it then after the second knockdown; let him get up once more then knocked into the broadcasters table for a third knockdown. What an idiot.

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