Deontay Wilder does “respect” Tyson Fury says manager Shelly Finkel

Deontay Wilder’s co-manager says ‘The Bronze Bomber’ DOES respect Tyson Fury, and his mind wasn’t in the right place moments after his loss last weekend.

The former  WBC heavyweight champion Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs) refused to shake Fury’s hand when he came up to him immediately after the contest ended in the 11th round at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Did Fury want Wilder to praise him?

Wilder had taken a terrible beating and was brutally knocked out by Fury in the 11th round. When Fury came up to Wilder after the contest ended, he expected to greet love and appreciation.

Given what Wilder had gone through, Fury didn’t get the reaction that he wanted.

Afterward, Fury seemed bitter, stained by being spurned with his attempt of receiving admiration from his conquered opponent.

Not realizing where Wilder was at the moment and perhaps not understanding that this was war, Fury failed to get the reaction he wanted from his conquered foe. Wilder had just come out of a warzone and he wasn’t going to placate Fury and give him false praise.

If Wilder saw the fight as war, of course, he wasn’t going to smother Fury with love after the battle. After all, he was the enemy.

“Him [Deontay and I have spoken about that, and he does (respect Fury),” said Finkel to the SunSport about Wilder.

“I think his mind wasn’t really there; I think if Deontay saw Fury now, he would give him a big embrace.”

“It was a fair result. The count was a little long on Fury getting up, but it doesn’t matter, the fight was what it is, and Fury deserves all the credit.

Arum: We should give Wilder a pass

“Well, it’s not good, but you and I haven’t been beaten up and concussed, I think, the way Wilder was that night,” said promoter Bob Arum to iFL TV in commenting on Deontay refusing to shake Fury’s hand after the fight.

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“So I think the charitable thing would be to give him [Wilder] a pass because I went over to him, like I always do,  go over to the losing opponent and tell him he fought a great fight. He wouldn’t even look at me.

“Tyson went over, and he [Wilder] articulated something stupid like, ‘I have no respect for you.’ But again, look what he [Deontay] had been through and what he had suffered, as far as what his body had suffered, and I think it would be appropriate for all of us to give Wilder a pass for what he said and how he acted after the fight,” said Arum.

Fury picked the wrong guy and the bad moment to be coming up to Deontay, looking for admiration and praise to be poured over his head. If Fury wanted validation from Deontay, he picked the wrong guy for that unmet need.


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  1. Deontay Wilder is so good that fury has to openly cheat and you fury fanboys are delusional and deluded and in denial about being deluded. So you weak minded sheeplike people follow and hate on command.

    • You have to accept that your hero got smashed up,there is no escape from it,everyone knows it,we all saw it,chichen legs felt it,nobodys complaining,theres just a few select hero worshipping thickos whose brain cant digest it.Its just a sport,a boxing match,dont let it rule your life.

  2. Wilders changed his mind has he?What,heres an apple pie and sorry about the…………………………is it?

  3. I think there is some serious IQ issues with those who cant accept that Wilder lost fair and square,no one else,including Wilder himself and his team are complaining that it was anything other than he was beaten by the better man.If they can accept it,and they were there,then so should you instead of desperately trying to find reasons for the loss.Only when you can do this can you move on and see it for what it is,really not important,well not for anyone with a life anyway.

  4. “Look at fury fight with no padding in his right glove and an eggweight in his right glove.” ” Let’s name him fighter of the year, Jesus Christ that boy can fight without padding, let’s put him at the top of our DANZ top 10 list, Jesus Christ”.
    And all of you fans go along with that pretending fury’s the legitimate belt holder.

  5. Fanboys of fury are Deluded by being delusional, those that aren’t Deluded are in denial about being delusional.,,😊🙂😌😇.

  6. Well done Fury,you,ve allowed us to OWN all them delusional Bum Squad lovers and watch them all squirm and make those hilarious pathetic excuses that the rest of the world are laughing at and he,ll never get the chance to try his luck ever again,not that he,d want to.Squirm away Chumps.

    • You’re the chump. Standing behind a no padding having glove tamperer. You should be very proud. That’s pretty good cheating. And it’s the only way Deontay Wilder could be beat.

  7. Wilders manager,trainer & even Wilder himself admit they got beat fair and square,you can convince yourself otherwise if you want,good luck with that one,l think its probably a low IQ thing,Wilder probably will carry on,who cares,but it,ll be against the usual type of opponent that your mother could knock out just so he doesnt go out on such a bad thumping.Who cares really,it,s just a sport,dont take it too seriously.Fury can progress now,Wilder had his chance,,,,,,,be careful what you wish for!

  8. You should be very proud of your selected fighter. See how a better boxer can lose with pay offs. And bribes?
    He’s not the champ, just a paperwork entry.

  9. Deontay Wilder has got to be a good man, he pulled fury out of depression, suicidal thoughts and gave life. God will bless Deontay Wilder.

  10. There’s a lot of people who are like Deontay Wilder but never made it necause they were treated the same way Deontay Wilder is. That’s why Deontay Wilder is the people’s champion.

  11. People can and are set up. There are others that are propped up. Like Anthony Joshua and fury. Deontay Wilder has to fight.against the odds just to get get fair treatment. Only those who know boxing give Deontay Wilder the credit he deserves.

  12. God bless The United States Of America and God bless Deontay Wilder. First he represented America as an amateur in the Olympics, and now Deontay Wilder stands alone doing what only Deontay Wilder can do. And that is fight cheating treacherous interloping criminal immigrants conspiring to commit defrauding by fighting for truth, Justice and the American Way.

  13. Deontay Wilder is feared by fury, that’s why he always cheats and you cover for him because he needs the backup.

  14. Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz have been avoided by everyone. They’re so much of veterans seems by now.all the top heavyweights would have matched up with them, but no, never have and never will.

  15. Deontay Wilder has announced that he will continue to fight, no one wanted to fight him before and now they damn sure won’t, especially fury.

  16. Padding repositioning advantage floppy gloves flopping around all over the place camera’s rolling bribed judges and referee’s spiked water holding neck wrenching tripping rabbit punching. Why was fury fighting with no padding and Deontay Wilder had padding? And don’t say fury wore the same padded gloves Deontay Wilder did. This is the worst case of cheating ever. Deontay Wilder is the most courageous heavyweight champion that ever lived and the most lethal. Now fury’s excuses will really begin, nobody wanted to fight Deontay Wilder before and now no one will especially fury.

    • Yeah he cheated,he must have,please tell me he cheated,please dont say he got beat fair and square l cant accept that,l wont l cant l l l booo hoooooooo owned.

    • Deontay Wilder was not cheated, it would be “STUPID,” to open an investigation. It would be “STUPID,” in the first fight, it would be”, STUPID,” in the second fight, and it would be,”STUPID,” in the third fight. A 27 stone man doesn’t have to spike opponents water. Everyone knows that, that’s why fury is allowed to fight bare knuckle again and again and again.

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