Tyson Fury calls Deontay Wilder a “sore loser, idiot”

By Michael Collins - 10/10/2021 - Comments

Tyson Fury chose not to take the high road last Saturday night in trashing his conquered opponent Deontay Wilder because he wasn’t in the best of moods moments after being viciously knocked out in the 11th round at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

WBC heavyweight champion Fury (31-0-1, 22 KOs) went over to Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs) after the contest was over and expected to be met with friendliness, but the ‘Bronze Bomber’ wasn’t feeling it.

If Fury had his ears open, he would have listened to what Deontay said when interviewed after the fight in complaining about his excessive holding. Deontay saw Fury using his holding to cheat.

“I also knew that he didn’t come in at 277 to be a ballet dancer. He came to lean on me, try to rough me up, and he succeeded,” said Wilder after the fight in pointing out that Fury had used his holding to beat him.

To Deontay, this is war, and he wasn’t going to give Fury the pleasure of treating him like a conqueror in battle. Wild

“I said ‘well done, mate,’ and he [Wilder] said, ‘I don’t want to show any sportsmanship or respect.” I said, ‘No problem,'” said Fury to BT Sport. “I was very surprised. Sore loser. Idiot.”

Well, Fury should look in the mirror and recognize that he’s the reason why Wilder wasn’t happy with him.

If Fury had kept it clean and not used holding to help him win, Wilder might not have been upset with him. It would have been nice if Fury didn’t need to resort to holding nonstop for him to win the fight last night against Deontay.

Tyson Fury calls Deontay Wilder a "sore loser, idiot"

If the shoe was on the other foot and Wilder was bending the rules to try and win, would Fury be joyous afterward in congratulating him?

Considering what Wilder had gone through in the fight and from previous loss, what did Fury expect from him? If Fury through ht was going to be greeted with a hug, handshake, or groveling, he was mistaken. Wilder was going to give Fury none of that.

Also, what may have fed into Wilder not smothering Fury with love was the way the Brit had gone about winning the fight.

Instead of beating Wilder traditionally by slugging it out, Fury used a lot of clinching & leaning all his weight on him to tire him out. Fury used the headlocks and holding as his primary strategy to win the fight, and he got away with it.

He did keep getting up, but it was that final right hand that put him down for good,” said Fury,

The referee didn’t penalize or disqualify Fury for his excessive holding, so it paid off.

Technically, fighters aren’t supposed to use excessive holding and leaning as a route to win a fight, but Fury was able to get away with it last night and in his previous fight with Wilder.

So if you look at it from that angle, it’s not surprising that Wilder wasn’t friendly to Fury after the fight was over. Look at it this way. If a fighter wins a battle by hitting his opponent with low blows to weaken him, would that guy expect to be treated with friendlessness afterward by his conquered foe?

Excessive holding & leaning is something that is arguably a form of cheating, is it not? If that’s the strategy that Fury used to weaken Wilder so that he could win, isn’t that cheating?

You have to view it as cheating because a fighter isn’t supposed to use excessive holding as a path to win. Ideally, the referee should warn, penalize or disqualify a fighter that holds the way Fury did last Saturday night.

Tyson Fury calls Deontay Wilder a "sore loser, idiot"

This particular referee let Fury get away with it without taking points off or disqualifying him like he probably should have. As such, it’s not a shock that Wilder didn’t greet Fury with flowers after the fight, and he’s not a “sore loser” because he wasn’t happy about being held all night.

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  1. This fury guy can fight, but he isn’t the best heavyweight champion. Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion ever living or nonliving.

  2. Fury to big to lose to a man” who has no stamina and bird legs, with a small narrow head.

    • I’m white so I can testify that the white man is the devil.
      White people are crazy!

  3. There’s no way fury could ever beat Deontay Wilder without cheating. Everyone know that, especially the WBC and the Nevada State Athletic Commission cause they are smart and rich.

  4. There’s steroids now that don’t show up in tests. It doesn’t matter to fury because he has failed every single test except for Otto Vallin

  5. You are the idiot. Americans can’t even jaywalk without getting arrested here you are constantly high. And don’t say you didn’t cheat it’s on camera, Putting an eggweight in your glove is assault and attempted murder. Kenny Bayless had to know I have the proof so I know that it’s documented.

  6. I have a picture of an eggweight clearly visible through the leather glove, and there was no investigation.

  7. You crackhead punks aren’t fooling anyone except for a bunch of high school boys. I have a picture of an eggweight clearly visible through the leather glove. And there was no investigation .creeps like you are bad for the sport.

  8. Get fury the hell out of the way so there will be some legitimate fights again, instead of fixed staged debacles.

  9. You guys have given fury all the leeway and breaks, exemptions and without a word. Overtly Loaded gloves, without investigation. Just allow the savage beastly cheater to unify and retire.

  10. Deontay Wilder was openly cheated again. You claim not to have seen anything. Never saw nothing, cause you have eyes and cannot see.

  11. From the beginning Deontay Wilder was betrayed by traitors. Dirty deals openly, overtly in obvious manners. There is no heavyweight boxer in history that can beat fury except for Deontay Wilder. There’s no way fury could ever beat Deontay Wilder without the WBC, the Nevada State Athletic Commission and the approval y a group of people who meet at a restaurant and decide on the winner of a fight before hand.

  12. Wilder is a heavy hitter, with terrible boxing skills. Plus he can’t take a punch. Cristal chin.

  13. Wilder held Fury every time he got hit as well. What fight were you watching. Sore loser

    • In life,. people can be set up for failure and for success. From the beginning Deontay Wilder was targeted for Sabatash. He would have been robbed earlier except for knocking everyone out.

  14. One punch pony. Wilder hung his head most of the fight. Wild unpolished right hand swings. He has won all of his fights to lesser skilled, and smaller fighters. He swings down on his opponents. Has a distinctive advantage until he met Fury. Big big man. Tall equal in height. He looked tired all of the fight. Wild wilder I call him. Lucky punches, no skill what so ever. Cry and get over it. You got punished for not moving enough away from Fury. You got caught in the corner and when stung hung on like a money in a tree. Poor loser without doubt! Move on

  15. That’s why there need be super heavy weight division.enough said . And excessive holding is not very good sportsmanship.even worse when your doing it the whole fight to gain advantage as part of ur game plan. It’s the great game plan to defeat mike tyson just ask Lennox Lewis and evander. Holyfield.

    • These fights were all fixed for gambling profits. All of you greenhorn inexperienced youngsters please grow up. Pay attention and you will see that you are being played by these cocaine steroids and enhancement drug users.

  16. Fury beat him fair and square. To suggest otherwise is pathetic and a little embarrassing.

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