Fury says he would have head-butt Wilder during press conference

Promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank stopped WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder from facing off during their press conference on Wednesday in Las Vegas.

Arum said he was worried because there wasn’t security on the stage, and he wanted to make sure there was no pushing or shoving between Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) and Fury.

After the press conference, Fury said he wouldn’t have punched Wilder during the face-off, but he would head-butt him. The way Fury made a comment and looked on his face suggested that he was serious.

It’s always nice to know if a fighter would have gotten violent during certain events.

For Fury to say he would have head-butt Wilder, it would be a good idea for Arum to make sure he doesn’t have any face-offs with other fighters to ensure they don’t get roughed up.

Fury loses cool during the press conference

“I drawn him into it, didn’t I?” said Tyson Fury to iFL TV on the final press conference on Wednesday with Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas. “I started off nice and steady.

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“He wasn’t coming in here to talk today. He got in a bit nice in the beginning and switched it up on him and got him heated and made him, so he didn’t know what he was doing and what he was going to do.

“At the end off, we were going to do a face-off, and he ran away. It’s like, ‘Welcome to my world, b****.’ Frank Warren was thinking I was going to chin him.

“I wouldn’t have chinned him. I would have nutted [head-butt] the c***,” said Fury in making it clear what he would have done to Wilder during the face-off.

Fury got worked up during the press conference when Kate Abdo, the FOX Sports host, asked him if he had any regrets about calling Tyson a cheater.

What initially started as a harmless comment from Wilder wound up getting Fury upset to the point where he was sweating profusely and looking like he was in a sauna.

Why did Fury get so upset about Wilder voicing his opinion that he thought he cheated last time they fought?

Tyson predicting victory over Wilder

“Well, I knocked him out, so,” said Fury when reminded that Wilder said that he doesn’t carry any power. “He’s obviously deluded, isn’t he?

“They can’t answer me. Jay Deas was smiling under his mask. He can’t answer me because it’s all rubbish, all lies.

“But it’s all unimportant anyway because on fight night on Saturday; he’s going to get found out again.

“He said he’s all about legacy. His legacy is in bits. His legacy is in pieces.

He’s been battered by me twice, and he’s going to get done in for the third time. So he’s got no legacy. He’s living in the past.

“I don’t get it because I only won because I cheated, but then he’d done all this improving and extra training to make sure he wins the second fight.

“If I only win because I’m cheating, if you stop me from cheating, then you should be alright. It’s not rocket science.

“It’s just adding one and one together and getting two. So, it’s a screw loose in here. The prediction is the Gypsy King keeps going, and the reign continues,” said an agitated-looking Fury.

Fury looked like he was carrying around some extra groceries around his ample midsection during the press conference.

Compared to the fit Wilder, who looked like a track athlete, Fury had the appearance of an out-of-shape middle-aged guy and didn’t resemble a world champion or even an athlete.

It would be interesting to know how much Fury weighed when he started his first of two training camps for the fight.

I mean, Fury had two back-to-back camps due to him supposedly getting COVID-19, which caused his July 24th fight with Wilder to be delayed for three months until October 9th.

That was the camp where Fury was rumored to have been getting worked over by his sparring partners Jared Anderson and Efe Ajagba.

The workout video we saw of Fury when he first started training was an awful sight, with him looking a lot like his dad John Fury and fat everywhere.

Anyway, it looks like Fury didn’t take all the weight off because he’s still carrying around a considerable amount.

Can Fury win being overweight and a year and a half older than the last time he fought Wilder? We’re going to find out on Saturday.

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  1. Tightwad, why didn’t you simply pay the $110,000,000.00 fine as a penalty for cheating? In that way fury would save the public opinion to be influences by Deontay Wilders demonstrating the lack of power, speed, and coordination fury posseses.

  2. Now one dares to comment, like a adder caught in the headlights listen to the vulgar expressions of a panic attack having fury who nervously attempts to muster the momentum to make it look like the fight was close so he will crow from the highest rooftop’s foul of some sort. The stage has been set for the excuse maker to have a soft landing.
    This hopped up , out of control madman will in no way pass any drug test, he will be closed to be wired out of his fried mind the night of the fight against Deontay Wilder once again so he won’t feel the pain.

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