Dimitry Bivol will have 6 weeks to train for Canelo Alvarez fight

If the fight gets made, Dimitry Bivol (18-0, 11 KOs) will have exactly six weeks to prepare for his September 18th fight with Canelo Alvarez. Promoter Eddie Hearn says he spoke to Canelo last Thursday night about different options for his next fight, and he concluded that Bivol is the guy he wants.

It will be hard for Bivol to get in six weeks for the fight, especially if he needs to meltdown to 168. It would be better for Canelo to meet Bivol at a catch-weight of 172 lbs if he wants to fight for his WBA 175-lb title.

Ideally, Canelo should agree to fight Bivol at the full weight for the light heavyweight division if he doesn’t want to take criticism from the boxing public for needing a handicap. Using a catch-weight or making Bivol come down to 168, it’ll make Canelo look weak.

Canelo wants to leave the sport one day with a great legacy, and that’s hard to do if he’s going to be using catch weights to gain an advantage over his opponents.

Fans are pleased that Canelo is looking in the direction of Bivol to replace Caleb Plant after their recent talks collapsed for the undisputed 168-lb clash on September 18th.

Taking on Bivol for his WBA 175-lb title is a pretty ballsy thing for Canelo to do, given that many fans view the Russian as the #1 fighter in the light heavyweight division.

It’s a debatable opinion, though, because just as many fans see IBF/WBC 175-lb champion Artur Beterbiev as the top dog in the division.

The only question that Hearn has is whether the Canelo-Bivol fight can take place on the September 18th date, as that would leave both fighters with only six weeks to train, with the final week being weight cutting.

If Canelo wants to challenge Bivol for his WBA light heavyweight title, he’s going to need to pack some weight on in a hurry, considering he’s going up against a guy that is a natural 175-pounder.

It’s going to be tough on the WBA light heavyweight champion Bivol if Canelo takes him up on his offer to come down to 168 for the contest. But with the money Bivol will make, he might not care.

“I think Dmitry Bivol’s the fight. He’s ready. We promote him, we’ve spoken to Vadim [Kornilov], his manager, and Andriy Rybinskiy, World Of Boxing, they want the fight, they’ve been looking for that breakout fight for some time,” said Hearn to iFL TV.

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“I think it’s a really, really good fight, a tough fight. So, we’ll have to see.”

“I spoke to Saul last night a couple of times, and I think the decision is, do we go September 18th?” said Hearn. “But it’s seven weeks tomorrow, so it’s any day that decision.”

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  1. Bivol is a tough opponent for Canelo at 175 and I favor him to win at that weight. At 168 the odds favor Canelo as Bivol won’t be at his best and especially with only six weeks notice. Mayweather is not the goat by far. Hearns, Leonard, Duran all would have beat Mayweather in their prime as Mayweather barely beat by split decision an old Delahoya who was past his prime and had been retired when he fought him. A prime Canelo against a prime Mayweather is a no brainer. Canelo would obviously win. Same goes for Pacquiao.

  2. Why is it that cornhole refuses to fight Charlo he’s a picker not like champions in the past who fought the top guy’s not pick and choose not a true Mexican warrior.

    • Canelo picking fights?… Mayweather did the same thing, that’s the mind of a business man. Charlo is not on Canelo’s level yet alone enough for a payday. Canelo has the right because he’s put in his time…or do you think he picked to fight Mayweather at his prim?….

    • Charlo struggled with Juan Macías Montiel a certified Uber driver what makes you think that charlo is a good opponent for canelo gtfo

  3. Mayweather is a clown entertaining fans who know nothing about boxing fundamentals. Another trump fooling suckers!!! Boxers get in the ring to win not to get on a unicycle, ride backwards, punch and ride away. Clowns do that!!! Canelo, Chavez, De La Hoya, Tyson, Wilder, etc. Those are boxers!! Educate yourselves pendejos!!!

    • Educate yourself, if you knew boxing the objective isn’t to stand and trade. In that case next you’ll be stating Mohammed Ali wasn’t a boxer, EDUCATE YOURSELF brother.

    • Canelo gets way too many props..he is a very talented fighter but picks opponents that he’s sure he can beat…being strategic in who you fight to get a belt while not fighting all the best in your division and vacating a belt and title will not look good on his boxing history ..he complains the Demetrius Andrade is not a good fighter but will not fight him..he says David Benivitez hasn’t fought anyone..so fight them..whip their asses..and shut everyone up..💪💪

    • I’m not big on Floyd but you’re not a real fan of boxing. Canelo got schooled by Floyd and he said it himself. He tried a similar tactic in his first fight with GGG and nearly pulled it off but he didn’t have the defense Floyd had. Floyd makes you make mistakes, boxing is a about thinking as well as just standing in front someone and throwing punches. It’s why he keeps picking these stationary targets. He’s got PTSD from fighting Floyd.

  4. Canelo in his prime would beat mayweather in his prime. Mayweather was a good fighter but can never be considered as one of the best. He just quit at 49 wins. His last fight to get his fiftyth win doesn’t count. Mcgregor is not a professional boxer. Chavez lost for the first time in his 90th fight. Sugar ray robinson lost only once in his first 107 fights.

  5. Canelo fights bums , he picks what’s good for him what about the fans the organization what we want to watch to be the best pound for pound you have to fight world class elite boxers canelo over rated disgrace for Mexico he ain’t no Barrera or definitely a Morales

    • It’s not a case of Bums per say…really it’s not…..His Legacy Should read that from 160-175 he ruled at a time when Ruling was pretty Laxed…🤗😏

    • is it crack ? is that what you smoke ? how are champions bums ?? you sound like a bitter casual . give props where props are due . canelo is the king of boxing . you may not accept it but you gotta respect it .

    • Canelo has only fought 2 quality fighters in his life: Mayweather and GGG. Mayweather kicked Canelo the 12 rounds and let him look how bad he is (Maidana did better against Mayweather). GGG won both fights but he was stolen by judges. So, 0 – 3 for Canelo with quality fighters. Canelo moved to an “easy” division to avoid quality fighters. Canelo is beatable by many nowadays, but he selects fights with a doc average fighters. Btw, am mexican but I’m objective and recognize that Canelo’s career is just about “easy money”.

  6. Canelo was beating up grown ass men way before 23, if we wasn’t ready he shouldn’t have fought. Mayweather was taking names and beating up grown ass men at 23 and well before, Tyson was whipping ass at 18. Canelo is not as good as Mayweather in any area, end of discussion. If you study Mayweather stats, he’s the most accurate, misses the most shots and fought the most world championships. That’s FACTS. Every fighter that he fought says he’s the best, even Hoya. I’m not sure on canelo, although he acknowledged May’s greatness, I’m sure one day with maturity, canelo will say the same…oh & How many undeafted fighters did Mayweather destroy?

    • Castillo was winning before being hit by Mayweather, Castillo waited for the referi to give the go ahead signal and his victory was justified because Castillo should have protected himself at all times, BS, had his hands down.

  7. The only time Mayweather used a catch weight was the Canelo fight it was only 2 lbs. at the weigh in the day before the fight ! As far as I know their
    was no rehydration clause in that fight
    Alvarez could put on as much weight as he was able to after the weigh in but I could be wrong !

    • You are wrong. Maywetaher manipulated his weight in the Juan Manuel Marquez fight and still didn’t make weight!

  8. Mayweather clearly beat a young Canelo every round. Yes schooled him but even the great Mayweather was not able to make Canelo hit the canvas. Nobody has yet but people are dieing for that to happen.

    • Sipping on that Hennessy a Lil to hard i see lol if andre ward would come back canelo would wreck him how many more asses does he have to kick before you recognize that Canelo is a beast in any weight division and he will not be stopped I can almost guarantee that man not saying there’s not a good guys out there there is but canelo’s on another level his dedication and hard to the sport he’s hungry and he still looks hungry

  9. I’m not a Canelo fan, but Plant doesn’t have the experience to beat Canelo. Bivol is another easy fight for Canelo the kid has no experience he will get KO by the 5th round and only given him 6 weeks to get ready for the biggest fight of his career. The only fighters that I think could maybe beat Canelo are Tripple G or El Zurdo Ramirez, but reality is that Canelo is a smart fighter he’s going to wait till Triple G get older to fight him for the 3rd time. El Zurdo Ramirez is a young Mexican fighter that’s hungry for a world title fight and Canelo will retired without
    ever fighting him.

  10. its a no brainer that Canelo is going to fight Bivol at 175 for a world tittle ! Like this is Canelo’s mode of operandi ! Alvarez’s approach is if you’re not a world champion . I want nothing to do with you! Absolutely brilliant as far as Legacy is concerned ! This is also a great business model !

  11. True on several points. But quit being naive about Mayweather. He used his A side pull to make his opponents fight at a disadvantage. There were also a couple of fights that he lost or were a draw but got the win because of his name. Just like the recent Charlo fight.

    • He also admitted in an interview that picks his opponents when he wants to fight them and were

  12. If a fighter wants to fight another fighter at a DIFFERRENT weight, height or Belt THAT’S HIS/HER BUSINESS! NO, NO, NO !: LITTLE boy! The Most corrupt fight I HAVE SEEN IS/WAS MAYWEATHER/PACQUIO!

  13. Canelo would’ve lost to Plant. That’s why they backed out. Alvarez struggles with athletic counter punchers. He likes the slower, come forward offensive fighters.

    • Lost to plant? Plant wouldn’t even come close to beating canelo.. he’s also decided a fight with canelo before. Saying 2 months wasn’t enough time to train for it. He knows he won’t win

    • Then why is he fighting Bivol? He’s a bigger version of plant. Bivol would destroy plant. You must not really watch all of boxing.

    • Just like every Canelo hater said about Billy Joe Saunders, who was much more accomplished than Caleb “rapper” Plant. Look what happened to him.

    • Bingo cahhhha Ching cahhhha Ching Saunders was doing that but wasn’t strong enough to take punishment plant I believe can take the punishment without folding

  14. Why should he move up to 175 he has fought as love as 147. I understand that cutting weight is very hard but Canelo is the Star, and already moved up multiple weight classes fight should be made at 168 just like Ward vs Dawson.

  15. I think. Canelo should fight. Bivol at 172lbs,that way the. W. B. A. Light. Heavyweight. Champ.is .at full strength should he meet. Alvarez on. Sept 18. And. Bivol.will.be comfortable when he kicks. Canelo’s. Ass👊👊👊

  16. The talk that canelo spends his heavier opponents by making them lose weight, weaken them and seek the heavier weights belts seems to be verified. Here we go again with another Sergey Kovalev moment. Except that Dimitry Bivol is younger (than kovalev) and stronger 😏

    • You kind of don’t know what your talking about..Floyd is a true 130… he fought canelo at 152 ..and it was only time he fought at catch weight.. and he schooled canelo.. do u really think 3 pounds made a difference.. Floyd had to eat 3 times to get to 152… and canelo lost first fight to ggg. The 2nd fight at best was draw… and he got schooled by lara.. but got a bad decision… be careful about canelo some very shady wins… and don’t but Floyd in same breath as Canelo he’s 5 times better and he whipped him in ring.

    • Canelo was 23, even Mayweather was telling him he wasn’t ready yet. That’s like putting tank with Loma when Loma dared Mayweather to make the fight, he was too young against a master boxer.

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