Bob Arum says Deontay Wilder could cause Tyson Fury problems with his one-punch power

Bob Arum is worried about his fighter WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury as he heads into one of the most important fights of his life against former WBC champion Deontay Wilder on October 9th.

With the 6’7″ Deontay standing in the way of Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) picking up a likely $100 million payday against Anthony Joshua in 2022, there’s a genuine potential that he could spoil everything for the ‘Gypsy King’ and Top Rank.

There’s a lot of money that will go down the drain if Wilder lands one of his big bazooka-like right hands on Fury’s lantern jaw on October 9th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Arum says that Fury is a much better boxer than Wilder, and he showed it last time they fought in February 2020. However, Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) might wreck things this time if he can land one of his devastatingly powerful right hands on Fury.

In their first fight, Wilder knocked Fury cleanout in the 12th, but the referee counted while the Gypsy King was unconscious. The referee looked in the other direction after Fury was knocked out rather than walking straight to him.

That little delay by the referee likely helped Fury beat the count, which is why some boxing fans believe he was given a long count.

You can argue that Wilder should have been the winner of the first fight, but you be the judge. Here’s the knockout of Fury in round 12:

“Fury is the better fighter; he proved that in the first fight, which was called a draw. He certainly proved it in the second fight,” said Arum to Sky Sports about the October 9th trilogy match between Wilder and Fury.

If you’re in with someone like Wilder? You’re in with someone who has a loaded gun. If he fires that gun and connects, watch out,” said Arum.

I wouldn’t say that Fury is a “better” fighter than Wilder necessarily because, as I’ve already shown here, he SHOULD have been knocked out in the 12th round of their first fight. So that fight put Wilder up 1-0 going into the second clash.

As far as the rematch goes, Fury basically won the fight after dropping Wilder with a peach of a rabbit shot in the third.

It looked like a beautiful textbook rabbit punch, and once again, the referee blew it by not waving off the knockdown and giving Fury a warning and/or penalization for the illegal punch.

It wouldn’t have been such a big deal if that was the only rabbit shot from Fury in the fight, but there were more of them, unfortunately. As badly hurt as Wilder was from the first rabbit shot in the third, I don’t think he could have won that fight.

He looked like he was out of it from that point on, which shows you how dangerous shots to the back of the head can be. That’s why referees must put more emphasis on controlling the use of those shots rather than just guarding against low blows, which aren’t as lethal.

You can recover from a low blow, but that’s not always the case when you get brained with a rabbit shot.

Bob Arum, Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury boxing image / photo

“I don’t think there is any heavyweight in boxing who has the one-punch firepower that Wilder has,” said Arum.

“But who is the better fighter? Clearly Tyson. Who is more skillful? Clearly Tyson. Who has the harder punch? Clearly Wilder.

“If he connects, it is lights out. That makes it interesting,” said Arum about Deontay.

I seriously doubt that Arum will see it as “interesting” if Wilder knocks Fury out cold again because it would mean that his chances of finding the crock of gold in 2022 against Joshua will be over with. That crock of gold will be Wilder’s, and Arum would be out of luck, needing to rebuild for the second time.

9 thoughts on “Bob Arum says Deontay Wilder could cause Tyson Fury problems with his one-punch power”

  1. Somebody who knows boxing? You don’t know boxing . Stop talking and just continue to purse your lips for wilder coz he’s gonna need somebody to kiss him better and help him with his new list of excuses.

  2. Wilder smashed Fury in their 1st matchup but was clearly robbed.
    Second fight he was loosing however, the fight was stopped way to early.
    This next fight gonna be easy work for Wilder. Fury gets knocked out early, this time he doesn’t get up. Fury doesn’t make it out of the 1st 3 rounds. #Lightwork #BombSquad #BronzeBomber #USA-Heavyweight Champion #Soon2BeUndisputed

    • Fury gonna smell the canvas by the 3rd round in the 3rd fight. Night night Fury. Most overrated fighter in the sport of boxing next to Teofimo Lopez smh 🤦‍♂️

  3. Completely stupid article…Fury is EASILY the superior boxer based on a b.s. “draw” when he won 10 of the 12 rounds and then the rematch in which he preceded to DEMOLISH Wilder… and as regards the supposed “rabbit punch” Deontay CLEARLY turned into that punch as he tried to avoid Fury’s right hand. You Fanboys are the poorest losers ever. You win with dignity and you lose with dignity. Deontay forever tarnished his reputation/image by making excuses and crying like a little Biatch..

    • No doubt about it you win with dignity you lose with dignity Wilder is an utter disgrace and those people who support him for one reason and one reason only you know what that is I won’t say it but you know what that is are foolish Tyson Fury took that fool to the woodshed beat his ass from post to Pillar To Post to pillar and to try to justify cover up a lie he created this Narrative of cheating but you’ve done a lot of harm to boxing to yourself and other people every time you open your mouth you sound more stupid than the last time you had it open

    • Fury lost the first fight, watch were most of Fury’s punches landed, use your eyes. Fury got in the 12th up becouse he uses speed. 2nd fight licking blood of Wilder, eyes bulging, speeding is nuts of. He had wilder in trouble the 2nd fight, but, what tactics & cheating did he use. Towel over camera when he was gloving up was a clue. This time all eyes will be watching. Prediction Wilder will destroy Fury! Pikey boy Fury ( Old pillow fists will return )lol.

    • I’m not sure what fight you we’re watching man, Wilder clearly destroyed Fury in the first fight. Wasn’t even close. Fury should have been counted out when he was comatose on the knockout/knockdown, the ref delayed the count no question. He’s actually lucky to have waken up from that shot to be honest. Fury won maybe 2-3 rounds the first fight tops, and that’s being generous. However, Fury was a different fighter in the second fight, as was Wilder. It was obvious Fury won that fight. I will say it was definitely prematurely stopped though. The third fight is gonna be easy work for Wilder. Tyson Fury is gonna get knocked out early in the fight. Won’t be a need for a count or bad judges decision because he won’t be getting up this go round. Fury knows he isn’t gonna beat Wilder that’s exactly why he did everything he could to try and avoid the rematch which was contracted and that’s exactly why he is still doing everything he can to delay the fight by supposedly having coronavirus (that sounds real familiar. Same thing Teofimo Lopez did to avoid Kambossas). Wilder wins easily via KO round 3

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