Terence Crawford and Kell Brook both weigh-in successfully

By Will Arons - 11/13/2020 - Comments

Kell Brook and Terence Crawford both weighed in successfully on Friday for their fight on Saturday night. Brook (39-2, 27 KOs) came in right at the welterweight limit at 147 lbs, and he looked a little thin and emaciated in the face. WBO welterweight champion Crawford (36-0, 27 KOs) weighed in slightly less at 146.4 lbs.

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There was social distancing during the face-off after the weigh-in, and both guys jawed back and forth.

Crawford looked keyed up during an unusually long staredown. It went on a little bit too long, but it appeared both guys were trying to prove a point.

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Crawford: “I told him that, ‘I don’t care about none of that you’re talking about. I’m going to f*** you up tomorrow,'” Crawford said about what he told Brook during their verbal exchange during the face off. “He got me a little irritated.”

Brook: “I’m a naturally bigger guy than him,” said Brook about Crawford. “He comes from lightweight to welterweight. I come from middleweight to light-middleweight. I know you don’t care. There are weight categories for a reason. You’re going to feel. This is my weight class.

Crawford: “You’re in my weight class.”

Brook: “You started off lighter than this. This has always been my weight class. Whatever he says he says. We both weighed in at the limit. We’re going to refuel, and the fans are in for a real fireworks night. That’s all I can say. I’m ready, Terence is ready.

“Let’s lay it on the line. All I can say is the fans are in for a treat. he’s a threat, and he knows I’m a threat. I told you that this is the easiest I’ve made it because I’ve been prepared,” said Brook when asked how he feels coming back down to 147 after fighting at 154 for his last three contests.

“This is going to be the best version of me. If he thinks I’m over-the-hill, this is the best version of me. I’ve come in bang on the limit, and I’ve done everything professional for this fight. I know 100% that Kell Brook is taking this title because I’m giving it my all and everything, and I’ve prepared unbelievably well.”

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Crawford: “Just make sure you write down all the words that you say.”

Brook: “Listen, I’ve got no excuses. I’m 100 percent ready for this fight.”

Crawford: “Okay, I appreciate that.

Brook: “He knows he’s not boxed no one like me. I’ve outboxed the fighter that he wants to fight in Errol Spence. I’ve been in with Golovkin.

Crawford: “You haven’t been in with guys like me.”

Brook: “You haven’t been in with guys like me. I’ve been in with guys bigger and stronger than you.

Crawford: “We’re going to find out. I don’t care. I’m 2-0 against PBC now.

Brook: “I don’t care who he’s been in with. Tomorrow it’s going to be a thriller.

Crawford: “Definitely. I’m just going to get my respect. He thinks because I’m the smaller man, he’s going to walk through me, but I guarantee you that once I start landing these hands on him, he’s going to think twice.

The fight against Egidijus Kavaliauskas, that’s something that I put in my head that I wanted to do. He’s a bigger, stronger fighter. That was just something I wanted to do at the time.

It don’t matter what type of fight we’re in. I’m going win whatever fight he wants to do. Whatever arsenal he wants to bring to the table, I got more. If he wants to box, I got better boxing ability than him. If he wants to bang, I got better banging than him. He don’t fight on the inside. What can he do that I don’t do better.”

Brook: “Whatever he wants to do, I’m ready for anything. Trust me, I’m ready for whatever Terence is going to bring tomorrow night.