122lb Star Kid Galahad Staring At 2 Year Drug Ban

05/12/2015 - By Olly Campbell - Comments

For anybody wondering exactly where top British 122lb fighter Kid Galahad (18-0, 9ko) has been, then the answer has become ominously clearer thanks to a piece of breaking news from The Daily Star in the UK.

Galahad, who last boxed in September 2014 – winning a decision against Brazilian Adeilson Dos Santos gave a positive urine sample following the fight according to the paper and has been handed a 2 year ban by the UK’s NADA – (National Anti-Doping Agency)

Galahad is insistent that the substance he tested positive for was administered by his brother (who is currently in prison) – following an argument.

He claims his brother spiked a protein shake with Stanozolol, a type of steroid, and has since admitted the offence, signing a sworn affidavit handed to NADA.

In spite of that a 2 year ban was handed down, yet it is not immediately enforced pending the result of Galahad’s appeal.

He told the paper the following dubious tale;

“What can I say other than I’m totally gutted. This will stall my career dramatically.”

“I’m especially gutted as I’ve not done anything wrong and have never taken a steroid in my life.”

“I told my mum and sister (about the test) and my sister eventually went to see my brother in prison who admitted doing this.”

I don’t know enough about the slick Wincobank fighter’s family to truly say whether his brother truly did this. No matter how much you hate a sibling, if they were knocking on the door of world titles and huge success in boxing, who would do such a thing?

He said

“I don’t know anything about the drug other than you would take it to allow you to get bigger, which in my case makes no sense at all”

“I walk around Sheffield at the lightweight limit (135) so I have to be very disciplined about what I eat and how I train because I box at super bantam (122lbs)”

This will be devastating for the young fighter, who has been on a domestic collision course with world champs Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg.

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