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SREDMOND you are right what ppl for get once you get in the ring its a fight point blank weather u like it or not cant always expect to watch a fight were u got fighters pop shot

Posted January 7, 2013 1:00 pm 


Nothing more disgusting that WHINERS in a combat sport… Guerrero fought TOUGH and HARD bout….Nowadays alot of guys are really not fans of infighting and it shows!! They want contests where there is NO pushing, or rough house tactics…I don’t know a single combat sport where that is the norm….It was a GREAT fight and both guys went to war we need more balls out efforts in order to rejuvenate the sport

Posted January 7, 2013 12:14 pm 


Looks like its deffo Ghost vs Money if you look at boxrec the fight is scheduled.

Posted January 7, 2013 3:42 am 


LOL guerrero wasnt the one cought on roids talk about dirty

Posted January 6, 2013 8:51 pm 


Show’s how desperate boxing is,don’t think the sport will ever go extinct that’s pretty stupid it’s but broner/guerrero p4p?Guerrero/nonito f.o.t.y to replace one hype machine (pac) & the 2nd to feed to the other(floyd).Guerrer/berto fight of the year? hahaha what a joke it doesn’t crack the top 5 let alone best.I like guerrero but that was more like hug fest of the year hands down not slug fest.

Posted January 5, 2013 4:43 am 


they both held but I think ghost was worse, the ref suckd, not even close to as good as rios/alvarado

Posted January 4, 2013 11:47 pm 

Don Quixote

The fact is that Berto is one of the trickiest fighters after Hopkins. Berto held ortiz 115 times in their fight and the stupid referee did not penalize Berto ONCE. This referee, am sure, warned Berto about holding Guerrero that he, Berto, did not hold as many times as he wants to; yet, he still held Guerrero excessively.The difference is that Guerrero hit him while being held and he did hold Berto to show him how it is to fight Ala Hopkins, hitting and holding and holding and hitting. These dirty fighters, Berto and Hopkins should whatch the Rios/Alvarado fight so they can see that in their fight neither Rios nor Alvarado held one another ONCE. That was a fight of the YEAR

Posted January 4, 2013 10:25 am 

tax time

and punkweather sux

Posted January 4, 2013 4:21 am 

tax time

blah blah balh ghost suxxx

Posted January 4, 2013 4:20 am 


What! Guerrero dirty fighter i think the other way around berto was immitating floyds everything elbows,sholder roll,clinchin, and guard beutyful!!

Posted January 4, 2013 4:11 am 



Posted January 4, 2013 2:20 am 


Guerrero seemed to know throughout the fight that Lou Moret was not going to call fouls under any circumstances. Berto finally got a clue around the 6th round. Or rather his corner told him. “The referee isn’t calling %@#t. You gotta retaliate.” He didn’t do so with full vigor. Maybe because his eyes looked like Hannibal Lecter had been playing with them and it was hard to see Guerrero.

Posted January 3, 2013 11:54 pm 


Loved the fight especially how Guerrero continued to pound him after the bell, Berto looked so stupid with the shoulder roll and looked very limited in there outside a few rights

Posted January 3, 2013 10:15 pm 


Berto was the one initiating the holding. One of the first things you will learn when you begin boxing is if you have a free hand inside use it. Why is everyone hating on Guerrero for punching and knocking Berto down while Berto was trying to hold and recooperate from getting hurt by a shot?

Posted January 3, 2013 10:03 pm 


The only thing worth mentioning about that foul-fest, was Berto’s courage.

Posted January 3, 2013 9:46 pm 


It was a foul-fest…fight of the year my foot, Guerrero is a very dirty fighter.

Posted January 3, 2013 9:42 pm 


I believe Guerrero should also thank the referee as he allowed Guerrero to fight dirty throughout the fight, which perhaps led to the end result.

Posted January 3, 2013 8:16 pm 

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Guerrero-Berto picked 2012 “Fight of the Year” by World Boxing Council; Gonzales vs. Mouton

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