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broner is a phony he shoud be on friday nite fights …..

Posted June 3, 2014 1:01 pm 


Broner is a fantastic fighter. Never boring.

Posted December 12, 2012 8:05 pm 


Broner needs to step up his competition, Abril has no power an no chance hanging with Broner, it will be another easy walk through, step up an start fighting nothing but the best from here on out, Abner Mares does it why can’t he, Andre Ward does it why can’t Broner

Posted December 12, 2012 8:03 pm 


This fight would be huge to see. Broner vs Abril would br the perfect match up as far as Talent. Great fight between two warriors.

Posted December 12, 2012 11:44 am 

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Schaefer working on Broner’s next fight; Abril a possibility

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