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Herron… Don’t feel as though you have to defend yourself against haters…

Interestingly enough, Steward is still with us… We can communicate with Steward but he won’t communicate with us. There’s too much going on up in Heaven and it’s strictly against policy to talk to the Earth bound. There are extremely rare exceptions for extremely holy, righteous, devout, virtuous, faithful, consecrated, pious individuals such as Manny Pacquiao—who claims he heard directly from God. I’m only slightly dubious about Pacquiao’s story—mainly because I don’t believe he would lie about this—and being a sinner doesn’t necessarily rule anyone out from hearing from the Almighty, as long as they have untouchable virtues which are ascendant.

Posted October 31, 2012 1:27 pm 

Joseph Herron

Sir KO, like I said you don’t know all of the facts. What would you know about being a professional in journalism in today’s society anyway? With all of the agenda driven “news” being shoved down everyones’ throats, I am one of the more fair writers you will read on the net. Since when is a personal and painful eulogy a piece of journalism? Writing that was very painful and you’re a tool for criticizing my personal tribute to my friend Emanuel Steward.

Like I stated before, you don’t know what you’re talking about, so consider this my final rebuttal and defense against your ignorant thoughts.

Posted October 31, 2012 8:28 am 


OCTAVIUS72…. Lennox Lewis was the best heavyweight in the world by FAR — LONG before he ever worked with Manny Steward… Bowe was stripped of his title for refusing to fight Lewis because LL would have been knocked him stone cold.. He threw his championship belt into a garbage can rather than face Lewis… Bowe could barely beat the clumsy Foul Pole Golota—a pathetic cowardly wide open punching bag who Lewis dispatched in the 1st round with ease.. Bowe knew better than anyone that Lewis would destroy him so he just flat out refused to fight him.. Bowe also refused to fight Razor Ruddock, Ray Mercer, Mike Tyson, and Oliver McCall.. He didn’t like tough guys or anyone who could hit … Lewis hated Bowe and wanted to get his cowardly punk ass into a ring … Steward made Lewis better, but he was already the best heavyweight when Bowe refused to fight him.

Posted October 31, 2012 1:22 am 


Ronnie seemed to be very close to Manny. So sad…

Posted October 30, 2012 10:55 pm 


My last reply was in response to TARK’S post.

Posted October 30, 2012 9:40 pm 


Steward was the most intelligent trainer I ever met. I loved the Interviews on ESB. Somebody with a brain, and who uses it also. Analytic mind , a pure pleasure to listen to.

Posted October 30, 2012 4:48 pm 

Joseph Herron

Sir KO…you don’t know the entire situation and out of respect for the family I won’t elaborate.

But I’m very proud that Emanuel considered me to be his friend. Not just someone he knew in passing. He confided in me about a lot of things that I wouldn’t dare repeat in public or write about, and for that I feel very blessed.

If you want to criticize me, go right ahead. I don’t care. But Emanuel and his family know that my heart was and always will be in the right place…that’s all that matters to me.

So say what you want, but Emanuel knows the truth and that’s what counts in my book.

Posted October 30, 2012 2:11 pm 

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