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I ment him July 17th 2005 night after Hopkin/taylor it was 117 a record heat wave and he was mad cool…give him a chance improving
lets see where he in in 2 years!!

Posted November 17, 2012 1:47 am 


yeah every fighter have a bad day in sparring tho i heard alot of stories in sparring but it dnt mean much tho in a real fight when them lights are on but seem like the fighters that was more dominate in sparring was edwin valero and gennady golovkin you hear stories about these guys punish everybody in sparring but they produce in a real fight to tho

Posted November 1, 2012 1:08 am 


I’m not interested in what happens in a sparring sessions.. You’re working on specific skills and it’s not a fight.. If you knock out the champ he’ll probably smile and say he’s glad it wasn’t a fight, and spar with you again the next day if he feels fine.. As far as clubbing goes, boxers are human beings and don’t stop living because they’re boxers.. Martinez and Golovkin both have better skills than Quillin right now but Martinez is giving away size and age.. He may be the most vulnerable of the 3 right now but I hope he gets a Pac, Floyd, or Canelo fight at 154.. He deserves a big money fight at long last.

Posted November 1, 2012 12:57 am 

Gonzo the Dragonborn

Hidalgo, just posting this again in case you missed it… I replied to your comment but it’s not showing up yet for some strange reason.

Posted November 1, 2012 12:35 am 

Gonzo the Dragonborn

Anonymous.. I was only joking about him Golovkin knocking Quillin out, as I was about Sillakh sparking Ward too (I hate Ward lol). But rumour has it that he did get the better of him, and the wry smirk on Golovkin and his trainer’s face when they were asked about it spoke volumes. Interesting what you say about Sillakh knocking out Afolabi in sparring, if it’s true that is, Afolabi has a very sturdy chin indeed and he’s naturally the much bigger of the two as well, Sillakh has always been a pretty good puncher though and stranger things have happened in sparring sessions. Hidalgo, I replied to your comment but it’s not showing up yet for some strange reason.

Posted November 1, 2012 12:20 am 

Gonzo the Dragonborn

Hidalgo.. Yeah I agree with all of that. N’dam is a better boxer than Quillin. He was definitely winning the boxing match in there, while he was still on his feet that is, but he just blew it all by fighting like a pissed-up gypsy on the cobbles. I agree about his corner being totally inept too.. It was so god damn obvious what he was doing wrong a blind person could see it. The fact that neither they nor N’dam seemed to realize it, unless that is he was totally ignoring their advice, at any stage of the fight is alarming. I have no doubts at all he would’ve won that fight at all if he’d boxed smart, but then again I’m not so sure N’dam and ‘smart’ belong in the same sentence. ”N’dam fought like he was still in the Kalahari bush. He just forgot his spear.” That sums it up perfectly lol.

Posted November 1, 2012 12:10 am 


Whats with this comment section

Posted October 31, 2012 11:14 pm 


tark—-check peter’s twitter bro. eat and sleep boxing and training? i’ve seen him post several times about clubbin and meet me at the party at ….. I like quillin and noone can deny how he has grown with skill and developed but gennedy smashes him. ps. lets go the club,all we do is club lol

Posted October 31, 2012 2:38 pm 


quillin got hit in those fights but it didn have no affect on him both fighters aint really big punchers winky wright and hassan it seem like quillin was more loosen when he fought winky wright then hassen guess he was nervous cause of his first title shot and then fighting in his hometown to idk about quillin outboxing hassan but he was the bigger puncher and stronger fighter and those knockdowns made the difference

Posted October 31, 2012 11:41 am 


I didn’t see N’Dam tag Qullin with anything threatening… Nor Winky Wright… Quillin out-boxed them both by wide margins… Quillin is far from brilliant… He needs to loosen up and get more range and deception on his jab… He needs to slip and duck punches better and with less effort… He’s just very determined to get better with each fight and I do give him a lot of credit for what he’s achieved and remaining undefeated … He lives, eats, sleeps, and breaths boxing.

Posted October 31, 2012 3:01 am 


Fair enough Tark

Posted October 30, 2012 10:25 pm 


Well Tark, I didn’t say N’dam had excellent technical skills. I just said they were better than Quillin’s. Winky Wright lit Quillin up a few times in their fight. Wright also exposed some major flaws in Quillins skillset. This is why “poor skills” N’dam continued to tag Quillin throughout the fight even though Quillin kept knocking him down. But all in all, I guess you’re right. Personally, I’d like to see a rematch between them. About a year from now, after N’dam gets a new trainer. Of course that’s just wishful thinking. On both counts.

Posted October 30, 2012 8:56 pm 


Sorry Hidalgo… N’Dam has very poor technical skills. He’s no boxer. I saw that immediately in the first round.. I said about a minute into the fight, “It’s only a matter of time until N’Dam gets his ass nailed to the floor. He’s wide open for a KO shot.” However Quillin isn’t quite as good as I thought he was, or he was just extremely tight and nervous in this particular fight. He looked like he was going to throw up he was so nervous at times. I’m sure he’ll loosen up now that he finally has a world title which has always been his dream … But I also thought Peter’s corner hurt him by continually telling him to KO N’Dam instead of boxing N’Dam to death and letting the KO come naturally in the course of the fight. When your guy is way ahead against a good puncher you don’t keep calling for the KO … That’s stupid, and his chief second was outrageously inept.

Posted October 30, 2012 3:23 pm 


so sillakh knock out andre ward in sparring i also heard he knocked out ola afoaibl in sparring to i do belive you tho gonzo of what u saying doug fisher proably do lied about some of these things i aint going to say he lied about all of them i knw everybody that spar golovkin he punish

Posted October 30, 2012 11:24 am 


Wait, let me reword that. Obviously one can’t be a better boxer if he fought stupid. What I meant to say is I thought N’dam had better technical skills than Quillin did. Quillin capitalized on N’dam’s foolishness and lack of ring I.Q. N’dam fought like he was still in the Kalahari bush. He just forgot his spear.

Posted October 30, 2012 9:38 am 


WTF is the rest of my last post? C’mon ESB!!!! You guys really need to fix your stuff!

Anyways Gonzo, I agree with you. N’dam’s corner wasn’t worth a knothole either. Personally, I thought N’dam was a better boxer than Quillin. He just fought stupid. You know–like a drunken frog.

Posted October 30, 2012 9:35 am 


“How many undefeated world champions who’ve never been knocked down before have had to haul their asses off the canvas…” Wasn’t the title originally “given” to N’dam? I mean, he didn’t win it in a fight, did he?

Posted October 30, 2012 9:23 am 


wow that crazy cause doug fisher of ring tv saw them spar to he said netither one got the best of it each other that what he said atleast unless they spar more then one time if they fight tho i favor golovkin gennady is a harder puncher then hassan better tchnique peter quillin stil kinda raw but he can punch with both hands for that reason i wouldn count him out i think golovkin is a lil more complete that y i favor him

Posted October 30, 2012 2:32 am 

Gonzo the Dragonborn

The only reason Quillin managed to win the fight is because N’dam (who is very average himself) is as dumb as a box of drunken frogs. He literally might be the dumbest fighter I’ve ever seen.. the fact that he was getting caught by Quillin’s telegraphed right hands and left hooks is bad enough, but to then stand and trade with him with zero regard for defence was beyond retarded on his part. That’s why he kept getting dropped all the time, because he opted to try and trade with Quillin when he’d been badly hurt instead of fighting smart and staying out of harm’s way until his head cleared. I wouldn’t mind if he’d only did it once or twice but he did the exact same thing almost every single time he’d been hurt. He literally handed victory on a platter to Quillin by choosing to employ such foolhardy tactics. Quillin is a decent fighter with a bit of a dig on him, but I don’t rate him very highly to be honest. My very good friend John Ruiz told me he saw the sparring session between Golovkin and him and it was about as one-sided as it gets. Apparently, Golovkin knocked him spark unconscious with a thunderous left hook and Quillin was completely out of it for at least 10 minutes. Ruiz said he was twitching on the canvas like a dying fish and he didn’t even know what his name was when he eventually came round.

Posted October 30, 2012 2:12 am 


Koolz…. I addressed your comment.. You said with another round N’Dam could get a draw ..He was down by 8 points and getting trashed.. N’Dam can’t box, had no chance in Hell, and he was clearly in over his head …. 3G would probably beat Pete but that is a different subject altogether. That would be a brutal fight from bell to bell and I’d love to see it.

Posted October 29, 2012 11:22 pm 


Tark did you watch the fight? Not once did N’Damn look like he was on unsteady feet, he got up every time and out boxed Quillin till he go caught with that right. I think it was his right… trying to remember. He was way out boxing Quillin, the knock downs weren’t even making him wobble. Did you watch the fight?

GGG hits with such power from half a foot away he knocks guys out with one little left hook. He school’d Quillin when they sparred in 2011.

Posted October 29, 2012 11:06 pm 


Koolz, you’re freakin’ brilliant man… “if one more round had happened I am pretty sure it would have been a tie.” … A draw with one round to go when you’re down by 8 points? Have you ever seen a 10-2 round? N’Dam would need 7 knockdowns and he was so unsteady he barely lasted the 12th … Are you related to Ciani?

Posted October 29, 2012 10:51 pm 

Clown face

I would like to see him fight GGG. The winner then would take on Martinez. The problem for any fighter Quillin included is he is so stationary that Martinez will spank him. Martinez’s style is so hard to fight against. That being said I think Martinez and GGG would be amazing.

Posted October 29, 2012 10:13 pm 


Quill an would be sparked out by golovkin. N’dam won nearly every round he didn’t get dropped in from what I saw. Quillan would there to hit, which mean he wouldn’t be there long in front of ggg.

Posted October 29, 2012 9:10 pm 


Martinez is the middleweight champion, Quillin is just a titlest

Posted October 29, 2012 7:03 pm 


I watched the fight and from what I saw Quillin would be beaten bad by Golovkin.
it would be a TKO
Also Quillin kept knocking down N’Dam and then getting caught many many times, so many that if one more round had happened I am pretty sure it would have been a tie even with the knock downs.

Posted October 29, 2012 6:36 pm 


Good win for Quillin….i like the guy. He’s articulate and has a great attitude. I’ve read HBO was trying to get Golovkin to fight Oosthuizen at a catchweight….not sure i get that one, but my gut feeling is that if Golovkin fights next on HBO it will be against Macklin which would be a good fight a good comparison fight with Martinez’s performance against Macklin. For Qullin’s next fight I wouldn’t expect anything too competitive (on paper anyway), as they’re grooming him to be a star….but how about Proska? Certainly fills the bill for a winnable fight and another good way—assuming Quillin wins big—-to measure himself against Golovkin. The type of fighter i’d see giving Golovkin fits is a rangy guy with solid fundamentals, a chin and a long jab. Once Golovkin gets inside on you, you either get brutally KOed (almost always off a left hook to the liver and something hard upstairs), or you get really beat up….i mean Ouma had some success with his style against Golovkin, but in the end he was really taking some brutal punishment and a cumulative beating…..the last two rounds are painful to watch even for a boxing fan like myself who’s used to that kind of violence….it’s like the Margarito fight with Manny, where someone, the ref or the guy’s corner, should’ve stopped the fight. Anyway, what Golovkin reminds me of most is some cross between early Kostya Tzyu and Chavez (not junior). What i’ve seen so far from Quillin and Golovkin tells me they wouldn’t be fighting a distance fight, and it would be one where i’d be picking Golovkin pretty big because of his next-level power, and relentlessness inside game. I mean it’s not like he’s a Jeff Fenech or somebody who cut off the ring well, and then just stuck themselves to your chest and wore you out with superior determination and fitness…..Golovkin looks poised on the outside as well, but once he’s inside he really takes on a Chavez-like dimension where he methodically breaks you or, having better one-punch power than Chavez ever did, ends you

Posted October 29, 2012 5:27 pm 


Peter I knew you were the REAL DEAL the first time that I saw you Fight. Thanks for making ME look GOOD. Keep it UP!!!

Posted October 29, 2012 1:40 pm 


Ciani’s questions were pretty negative on the N’Dam fight… Too negative.. Anytime you limit your opponent to 107 points in a 12-round fight you’re going to win — and win big.. How many fighters have done that??? How many undefeated world champions who’ve never been knocked down before have had to haul their asses off the canvas 7 times — 6 times after brutal knockdowns, and once after being badly hurt and grabbing and stumbling to the canvas and ruled not a knockdown??? N’Dam didn’t have much of a chance going into the 12th — because he had been beaten to trash in the first 11 rounds and went down 2 more times in the 12th from punches that didn’t even make hellacious contact.. N’Dam was a cooked goose and very well beaten … Great job Peter.

Posted October 29, 2012 10:11 am 

The Kingslayer

Martinez isn’t the #1 Middleweight he’s THE Champion !

Posted October 29, 2012 10:00 am 

Brazilian Boxing Fan

The Number 1 Middleweight is Martinez.

Posted October 29, 2012 7:07 am 

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