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Bill Patrice Jones

Chisora vs Scott was a very competitive fight that Chisora was lucky to win because the knockout was god awful and unfair refereeing. Scott may very well have won the decision. The important thing from that fight as far as this bout goes is the way that Scott handled Chisora’s power. Chisora has quite decent power, he’s not in the heavy handed category of guys like Stiverne or Arreola and certainly not a mega puncher like Wladimir, Wilder, David Price Sam Peter or even a David Haye. Through skill and chin Scott managed to handled what landed. My prediction is bold. Wilder will flatten Scott inside two rounds and the criticism will be heaped underservingly on his shoulders again. Whether Wilder will become a champion or give Wladimir a career defining fight will always remain unknown until he gets clocked on the chin by a guy like Chris Arreola, Bermane Stiverne etc. However what we should know by now, even though many still deny it, is that Wilder’s power is truly frightening. He throws viciously fast punches that carry destroyer style power. It’s the combination of the speed of his wild hooks and the power behind them that make him so dangerous. Even punches which land on arms, shoulders and elbows can hurt and put you off your balance. Hasim Rahman, Jameel Mccline, Michael Grant, Shannon Briggs know about fighting big punchers and they are all unanimous Wilder is a beast of a puncher. Easily the single rawest power puncher since a young Sam Peter. Wilder will take a chance on Scott early and overwhelm him with a flurry of power punches. Wilder should take an interim fight if he wins against another faded former big name who can hit test his chin a little fight with the intention of lasting a few rounds and then have his Stiverne/Arreola title shot

Posted February 28, 2014 11:01 am 

Fight Aficionado

Actually I do give Scott an outside chance of winning because he’s slick and Wilder’s boxing skills are unproven. But what I don’t like is the WBCriminals trying to fast track Wilder to a title shot without facing any contenders.

Posted February 11, 2014 3:38 pm 


Scott will win this. Wilder has a puncher’s chance, but that’s it.

Posted February 11, 2014 5:20 am 


Didn’t Sonny Liston spend 6 years in the can???

Didn’t Tyson spend 3 years in the can???

Didn’t Larry Holmes lose to Michael Spinks—who was making his debut at heavyweight??

Didn’t Dempsey take 3 years off to party while he was Heavyweight Champion???

Didn’t Ali and Liston lose their boxing licenses for 3 years each???

Didn’t Joe Louis die owning several million to the IRS???

Doesn’t Manny Pacquiao own about 68 million dollars in unpaid taxes???

Chisora isn’t the only disgrace in boxing history. At least he keeps busy and doesn’t ask for a postponement when he pops a hernia and can barely walk. Dumb as that is.

Posted February 11, 2014 12:13 am 

Floyd xylocaine Mayweather

Chisora is a disgrace, didn’t he spew water from his mouth on WK?

Posted February 10, 2014 11:00 pm 


winner of glazkov/adamek should be interesting. I think glazkov drew with scott. adamek beat the bigger areola. Allof these guys would have gotten title shots in the 70’s and 80’s.

Posted February 10, 2014 7:03 pm 


Like the Heavyweight division was really deep when Jean Pierre Coopman… Alfredo Evangelista… Richard Dung… and Marvelous Frazier were getting title shots.

Posted February 10, 2014 5:32 pm 


Chisora didn’t really beat Scott.. Scott was ahead on points and he easily beat the count — whether you think the knockdown blow was legal or not.. You know damned well Scott was robbed blind in England.

It doesn’t make any difference. Scott is already ranked and many ranked fighters have refused to face him so far. It would give them a chance to face a 30-0 fighter who is highly ranked so why not???

Posted February 10, 2014 5:30 pm 


good point, I remember Lorenzo zanon.

Posted February 10, 2014 5:29 pm 


another taxi will be along shortly.

Posted February 10, 2014 4:11 pm 

Fight Aficionado

“Malik Scott??? Hahahahahahahaha. Even the inhuman Chisora beat Malik Scott. Poor heavyweight Division.” – Yes it’s a joke. But that says more about how poor the WBCriminals’ ethics are than it does about the actual depth of today’s heavyweight division.

Posted February 10, 2014 4:00 pm 

Fight Aficionado

“Fight A., you must not be old enough to remember Jean-Pierre Coopman, Richard Dunn, or Lorenzo Zanon.” – Tony you’re right, they were before my time. Either way I doubt Wilder’s comp is any better, given he’d get a title shot without beating a top 20 opponent. GBP and Haymen are becoming as corrupt as King, though their stable of boxers are benefitting.

Posted February 10, 2014 3:58 pm 


This fighter could be a tough fight for Wilder, highly skilled fighter with some experience, good defense
Make Deontay Wilder look bad, and maybee even out hustle Deontay Wilder to aclose decision. Deontay Wilder has fought such week opposition for 30 fights. Reminds me of Devin Rodrigez impressive ko percentage, but weak opositon

Posted February 10, 2014 1:56 pm 



Good Post!. I agree 100%.

Posted February 10, 2014 12:56 pm 


Malik Scott??? Hahahahahahahaha. Even the inhuman Chisora beat Malik Scott. Poor heavyweight Division.

Posted February 10, 2014 12:55 pm 


any taxi driver gets a shot today. priceless.

Posted February 10, 2014 12:42 pm 

Op Amp

Scott should bring a pillow and blanket into the ring with him, CUZ ITS BEDTIME for him!! He will be sleeping no later the round 9.

Posted February 10, 2014 12:37 pm 


Wilder is like a PAC MAN game on slow motion…..he is moving up to better fighters but just at a SLOW pace.

Posted February 10, 2014 11:05 am 

stuck in a moment

Scott got rooked in his last fight. But why is he in an eliminator coming of a loss. Wilder still has plenty to prove

Posted February 10, 2014 9:57 am 


Assyrian G, the Klitschkos also defended against people like Mormeck. I agree Wilder is being shielded and protected by something. They don’t want to put him in with a puncher. I like Wilder…just saying.

Posted February 10, 2014 9:32 am 


feed them all to the old man tiger. tiger would be coming back to see wlad again.

Posted February 10, 2014 3:54 am 


Hype job!

Posted February 10, 2014 2:21 am 


Pac beat Bradley in the first fight but was cheated by the criminal judges. In one round Pac landed 2 punches to Bradley’s one, yet the criminal judges gave that round to Pac. One judge resigned after that fight. Boxing is crooked, the winner of a fight is the fighter the promoter wants to win, with few exceptions……………..Bradley knows he lost, but will not admit it, I suggest he watch the fight…………..Provodnikov beat the Hell out of Bradley almost ending his career, left Bradley on the canvas!

Posted February 10, 2014 2:08 am 


Goosey.., You’re full of crap and you can’t count.. They showed 4 slo mo’s of the Scott-Chisora ending… You couldn’t see the contact clearly any of them, but the 3rd slo mo clearly shows Scott’s face pointing in down, Chisora’s head is in the way of the contact but you could see the punch landed to the back of Scott’s head.. The punch landed above and behind the ear, and the British commentators even said it didn’t look like a clean punch. If you look at videos that show the contact It definitely landed behind Scott’s head.. Which is what Scott said in the interview immediately after the fight.. He also said he was up at 9.. He said, “Everybody saw what happened, I was up at 9.”

Also Scott was watching the referee’s count very closely and got up at 9… The referee didn’t even count 10, he just signaled”out” and Scott was clearly NOT down at the point the referee would have counted 10.

Posted February 10, 2014 1:10 am 


Haven’t heard from David Haye in a while. I would like to see Haye vs the winner of Stiverne/Wilder.

Posted February 9, 2014 9:06 pm 


I don’t know if he’s trying to, but he sort of looks like a young George Foreman there.

Posted February 9, 2014 8:46 pm 


I don’t know Tony, those guys were probably top ten guys. Things were a bit sparser back then. Anyway Scott may be too smart to get beat by Wilder and I think Deontay’s reflexes and chin may be suspect.

Posted February 9, 2014 8:39 pm 

they want an American champ

…but it will go to Canada! Stiverne will first KO Aereola and then the Donkey.

Posted February 9, 2014 8:25 pm 



Posted February 9, 2014 8:14 pm 


Wilder will steamroll Scott, while Stiverne will beat6 Arreola again. Stiverne/Wilder does make an interesting fight, but at this point I’d have to give the edge to Stiverne due to his toughness. As of now we know nothing about Wilder’s toughness because he’s never been hit or tested. Stiverne has already proved that can take punishment in return and still fight thru to win.

Posted February 9, 2014 7:17 pm 


Fight A., you must not be old enough to remember Jean-Pierre Coopman, Richard Dunn, or Lorenzo Zanon.

Posted February 9, 2014 7:16 pm 

Fight Aficionado

If Wilder indeed gets a title shot for beating Scott he’d be the least credentialed boxer to fight for a heavyweight title, possibly ever. Let’s be real, he’s not faced one top 20 opponent and Scott is ranked 24th by the WBCriminals. There’s no justification for it. Bad for boxing.

Posted February 9, 2014 7:04 pm 

I see Good

No talent JENNINGS He holds the USBA Belt. Thats best the USA has??/ his last fight I watch on TV.. Jennings is TERRIBLE ,Even WILDER or TYSON Fury could beat this prentender with the USBA belt What a complete JOKE in the HW division. Especially in the USA.

Posted February 9, 2014 6:27 pm 

I see Good

PLEASE PLEASE PUT WILDER in with KLITCHKO as FAST as possible.. I just cant WAIT for the Kman to TEAR this American CLOWN aprt. wilder can punch but thats it. Vlad should JUMP on this idiot RIGHT AWAY.. WILDR has NO SKILLS at all. a complete mismatch.. Once Vlad DESTROYS this idiot YOU wont hear much of WILDER.. NEXT this other IDIOT TYSON FURY.. Klitchko would eat this clown alive. Just cant wait. 2 mismatches ha ha ha

Posted February 9, 2014 6:23 pm 


SwedishBoxingFan- Wilder’s handlers wont let him near a 48 year old fighter,that tells you how much confidence they have in Wilder.The Atomic Bull even at 48 would probably knock Wilder out.Malik Scott has been chosen as he has no power,no chin and no chance.

Posted February 9, 2014 6:10 pm 


Scott may be too smart for Wilder plus I think Deontay’s reflexes and chin are suspect.

Posted February 9, 2014 6:02 pm 

Swedish Boxing Fan

Deontay Wilder vs. Malik Scott – WBC world heavyweight title eleminator fight?

How can Malil Scott be fighting in a world heavyweight title eliminator? Who did he defeat to earn that title oppertunity? How did he jumped up that high in the rank all of a sudden? – Thats right he have NOT earned this in the ring. His ONLY top listed fight he have ever fought in his entire PRO career from 2000-2014 was last year against Dereck Chisora and was TKO’d in 6th round. This year he have so far won 1 fight against an easy journyman in Grover Young and all this is supposted enough, just enough to put Scott in a world title eliminator bout? NO-NO-NO-NO. This is riddicules as Malik Scott is NOT even ranked Top 15# by WBC, WBA, IBF or WBO.

Tyson Fury, Tomaz Adamek, Bryant Jennings, Fres Oquendo, Artur Szpika, Manuel Charr, Lucas Brown etc there are so many other heavyweights in the WBC ranks who have earned that oppertunity more then Scott. Its just awfull wrong to let this fight be an eleminator. If we will have it that way then the former world heavyweight champion “The Atomic Bull” Oliver McCall, 48 have made more to get this oppertunity as he have at least fought up to 72 PRO fights and never in them been knocked down or seriusly hurt and fought numerous top heavyweights over the years and could be a good test for Wilder, but hey Malik Scott get’s it any way for nothing.

I’m not opposed that Deontay Wilder fights Malik Scott but that the fight will be a world title eleminator bout is bull s#it in a sportsman way.

Posted February 9, 2014 6:00 pm 


Cant wait until Stiverne knocks him clean out

Posted February 9, 2014 5:22 pm 


FUBAR. Pathetic does not even begin to sum this up.

Posted February 9, 2014 5:21 pm 

Exiled Yank

The guy hasn’t earned the shot, but that hasn’t mattered for a long time. It’s all about who you know and careful positioning. I haven’t cared about the HWs in years, and I’m not going to start anytime soon.

Posted February 9, 2014 5:03 pm 

Fighting Words

Wilder will be champion and he will KO WK inside of 8.
WK ha. ve had a walk in the park with the fighters he has faced
with no aggression or fighting spirit to win, but with Wilder
he will not have such opponent. Wilder throws a lot punches
for a HW and he has the height. WK don’t have that great of
a chin. Wilder will hit him on it, it’s just a matter of what round.

Posted February 9, 2014 4:58 pm 


tark. were you at the dempsey willard fight.

Posted February 9, 2014 4:47 pm 


wilder has avoided the klitschos and has now come out of his hole now that vitalis gone and that wlads got a couple of mandatorys to get through! wilder knows deep down that his rank and possible wbc title fight is a fraud! only an id!ot would believe otherwise!!

Posted February 9, 2014 4:42 pm 


“I’m a lumberjack, and I’m okay.
I sleep all night and I TARK all day.”

Posted February 9, 2014 4:30 pm 


TARK will just ignore this, only to come back on a future article and say. “Chisora hit Scott behind the head, blah, blah, blah.” Then he will start moaning about the Lewis Vitali fight.. As he did on the “Tyson Fury suffers cut eye” article earlier… TARK MELTDOWN..

Posted February 9, 2014 4:23 pm 


You can even pause the exact movement when the shot lands.. :)

Posted February 9, 2014 3:54 pm 


So what’s the Jennings/Perez mandatory for?
Does the Wilder/Scott winner have to fight the winner of that fight to decide the mandatory? WBC we be confused.

Posted February 9, 2014 3:46 pm 


Looking forward to wilder stepping it up finally, he is in the mix with the big dog’s if he wins.

Posted February 9, 2014 3:16 pm 


scott got beat by chisora. that just about sums up the heavyweight comediens of today.

Posted February 9, 2014 2:25 pm 


Hopefully, a DOUBLE KO when both land jabs simultaneously…

Posted February 9, 2014 1:21 pm 

What Bull$h1t Council


Posted February 9, 2014 12:44 pm 



Posted February 9, 2014 12:43 pm 


They could do with a super six in the HW division. Clear the mess up once and for all!

Posted February 9, 2014 10:52 am 


Chisora beat Scott easily but Scott was robbed against Glazkov, so it’s not a bad fight for Wilder. I agree with the author that Perez or Jennings are more deserving but this is boxing.

Posted February 9, 2014 10:21 am 

Mr gav

Wilder has had his easy fights, but his power has prevented him from having the experience you need to fight the top guys. Malik Scott is a good choice but he will have to have a good game plan vs wilder, he wasn’t that badly hurt vs chisora but if chisora can knock you down you can certainly bet wilder will do it in a more devastating fashion. Regardless if wilder has earned his shot or not if he keeps on winning then he deserves that belt and how awesome will it be if he has a uniforcation fight vs waldamir? Younger bigger puncher think even taller, this will be a fight that will give waldamir some credit ( if this fight happens) all I can say is heavy weight scene is going to get a lot better in the next few years

Posted February 9, 2014 10:04 am 


Isn’t it sad that the only slight hope fans have of an exciting era of boxing rests on wilder producing the goods (when he finally steps up) and both klits retiring and staying so. Either of those scenarios not happening will result in prolonged torture for fans in a wretched division.

Posted February 9, 2014 9:41 am 

Exiled Yank

The guy has mad power, and he’s going to have to step up at some point. WK gets the winner and he will make another boring as$$ fight unless Wilder connects… which he probably won’t do. Not a Wilder fan, but at least something is kind of happening in the division.

Posted February 9, 2014 9:09 am 


at least, they keep the circus on that side of the world. they need to stick jennings in somehow. thompson should bless the champion.

Posted February 9, 2014 9:04 am 


keep the hw circus rolling.

Posted February 9, 2014 8:48 am 


I guess it’s going to go like this:

Wilder KOs Scott.

Stiverne Kos Wilder.

Klitschko wins by UD over Stiverne.

Wladimir reigns supreme, in a supremely boring way.

Posted February 9, 2014 8:38 am 


There is not a referee in the history of the sport that would call a foul shot thrown whilst you are facing your opponent. Regardless of where the punch lands you cannot be accountable for your opponent moving after the shot is thrown. This is basic knowledge of the sport. Besides the fact that the shot actually hit scott on the side of the head of course. Both this and the fact that the two fighters are standing face to face is clearly visible from the tape.

Posted February 9, 2014 6:39 am 


Tark…your uneducated drivel never stops does it? Chisora was facing scott head on when he threw the punch that dropped him. How on earth does scott turning his head after chisora had already thrown, constitute a foul blow?? If all a fighter has to do to gain a nc from a knockout loss is to turn his head and ‘accidentally’ catch a blow behind the ear (which is not even a foul shot anyway), don’t you think everyone would do it?? Scott himself didn’t complain once about the shot, what makes you think an uneducated keyboard warrior like you would have more of an idea than the fighter that took the shot?? Goon

Posted February 9, 2014 6:25 am 


Whoever wins the WBC will become a hw joke for having beaten no one at all of note. The best record of any of the 4 is stiverne who has beaten arreola, at best a fringe world class boxer. The klits are roundly criticised for never having beaten a truly high quality opponent and it looks like this pitiful joke of an era is continuing.

Posted February 9, 2014 6:11 am 


I wanna see what happens when Deontay is forced to fight all 10 or 12 rounds. Something tells me he will gas out.

Posted February 9, 2014 5:41 am 

Dan D

Malik Scott? Got battered by Chisora now getting a WBC elim shot? This is just a joke. The WBC is pathetic.

Posted February 9, 2014 4:50 am 


Malik Scott never looked like beating Chisora.
That said, he could win this, he won’t but he’s a defensive fighter who is adept at running away.
Scott doesn’t hit hard but he can move about the ring.

Posted February 9, 2014 4:29 am 


Absolute Joke..

Posted February 9, 2014 4:24 am 


i would of thought the wbc would be making better decisions now that !diot jose suliaman is a dead man. oviously not!!

Posted February 9, 2014 2:45 am 


Better test for him this one. Much better

Posted February 9, 2014 2:43 am 


Vlad to unify!

Posted February 9, 2014 2:38 am 


Deontay Wilder will have 31 fights if he gets a title shot —

Marvis Frazier had only 10 fights… Leon Stinks only 7 fights… Tim Weatherspoon 7 amateur and 15 pro fights… Ossie Ocasio only 13 fights… David Bey only 14 fights… James Smith only 15 fights… Dereck Chisora only 17 fights… Odlanier Solis only 17 fights.

Posted February 9, 2014 2:29 am 


Scott was not knocked out by Chisora… A foul blow cannot knock you out… He should have been allowed 5 minutes to recover because Chisora hit him behind the head.

Plus he was up before the count of 10, and he was ahead on points. Scott was flat out robbed.

Posted February 9, 2014 2:25 am 


styles make fights. Wilder is totally unproven but he has a better change of landing a big punch on wlads chin that leapai who is slow and 6’0. tall. Neither should be facing wlad.

Posted February 9, 2014 2:21 am 


The tittle don’t count not to me they didn’t beat the k brother . The k brothers wasn’t the most all out boxers but they are true champs. I wanted to see if wilder could at least get to vladimirs chin but the future is here let’s see.

Posted February 9, 2014 1:40 am 

Deep waters 1212


Posted February 9, 2014 1:30 am 


Wilder has never fought anyone even nearly ranked, yet he is #3 WBC?! LOL! Did someone buy the #3 ranking for him? Scott was knocked out by Chisora, so why is Scott fighting for the right to fight for the title? Neither Scott nor Wilder deserves a shot at the title. Jennings, Adamek, Pulev, and many others deserve a shot, but a title shot is not earned anymore, it all depends on how much money the promoter has………if you get knocked out, you get a shot…………..who made the decision to have Scott fight Wilder? Or Wilder ranked #3 WBC? Scott is not ranked at all………….Wilder refused to fight Chisora, Thompson and Fury, then Chisora knocked out Scott, so that is the reason Scott will fight Wilder. Scott punches like a featherweight, if that hard…………….so……..we all know why Wilder is fighting Scott…………….will Scott make more money if he loses the fight? I would not be surprised. Even if Scott were to outbox Wilder, it would go to a decision, so we all know for whom the judges would score the fight……………………..

Posted February 9, 2014 1:13 am 


If bums like leapai mormeck and pianetta can get a shot any taxi driver can. Wilder is not ready he has not faced any really top 10 or even top 20 contenders but the whole division is a joke.

Posted February 9, 2014 12:50 am 

Mark Rudd

Nothing against any of the four fighters, but none of them really deserve a title shot. Looks like the WBC is trying to resurrect boxing interest in North America.

Posted February 9, 2014 12:37 am 


good luck to wilder.I never seen him box. I seen scott a few times. Scott would have a very tough time with Arreola.

Posted February 9, 2014 12:04 am 


I gotta say he needs to fight better world class fights.if you think you know boxing come over to boxpicks dt com.its a fantasy boxing league promoters and bookies go to daily

Posted February 8, 2014 11:33 pm 


Wilder ain’t know different to any other fighter of the last five years that’s been handed wins and a route to a title.

Still think he beats 99% of HW’s out there today.

Posted February 8, 2014 11:08 pm 


F@#%ing JOKE!!!

Posted February 8, 2014 11:03 pm 

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