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went to london last year,but unfortunetly i dont speak polish.

Posted October 31, 2013 12:37 pm 


Never been to that unusual part of London
But being a little bit of a nerdy Borat bloke that you are
How about I hold you down and beat you furiously about the head with a rubber c*ck

Posted October 31, 2013 5:27 am 


Whilst wlad is a disgrace to the sport, I dont approve of the UA bashing.

Posted October 30, 2013 10:23 am 

K-2 Fan

Simon ; you are a phony ! Don’t post as a Ukrainian . DMX ; you must be describing the part of London that’s in the news lately . With all the mustache wearing , turban covered ” englishmen “,
chanting for your blood !

Posted October 30, 2013 8:23 am 


Ukraine took over
we are in control ha ha ha

Posted October 29, 2013 8:00 pm 


klichko better then ali and Tyson
great win
get a life all klichko haters”americans”

Posted October 29, 2013 7:57 pm 


keep the hw circus going.

Posted October 29, 2013 5:57 pm 


Wladimir-Pulev 2014!

Posted October 29, 2013 3:05 pm 

al bundy

basically Klichko and Hopkins are bums, who win by pushing and hugging… and if you are a strong, skilled, hungry for victory boxer – you have no chance against these guys, right?

So, Klichko made Povetkin to go under his arm every time they collided. Hopkins made Murat missed each time, when Murat tried to punch him. Oh, and Mike Tyson made the other guys to open their chins up, so he can floor them…

So, it does not matter how good of boxer stands in front of them, Klichko and Hopkins will trick them and cheat their way to the victories…

Koza, you need to address in your next article how the weather, low and high pressure, and sun radiation could help Wlad and Bernard in their victories.

Posted October 29, 2013 1:23 pm 


MEH: So glad you can read to the end. Retard!

Posted October 29, 2013 12:52 pm 

big dog bite

I’m confused, everyone boxer knows prior to there fight with Hopkins what kind of boxer he is and what he’s going to do. So it’s up to the boxer to come up with a plan to counter it. I mean how many lead right did Marat get hit with by just standing there flat footed. I know Marat didn’t expect Hopkins to come to the middle of the ring and go toe to toe with him did he…

That’s like getting into the ring with Mayweather and ask him not to do his shoulder roll defense.

Also the funny thing is that Marat got some good punches in, I mean some clear shot to the chin , jaw, and head all together and not once did he faze Hopkins. Instead of putting all the crying into Hopkins tactics, if you like him or not, you have to admire a man at his age still able to go 12 rounds and not get hurt, cut, and on his toes at the end of the fight. I never liked Hopkins before but I’m in love with him now for going against the odds and still coming out on top.

And as for Klitschko, to beat him you have to go low and shoot up with an overhand left or right.. That’s the only way, so what can Klitschko do to counter that? If he didn’t do what he was doing he would have got caught with a luck punch then we all be question why he didn’t clinch…

Posted October 29, 2013 10:52 am 


what Dutch said. also LOL @ “Emanuel Steward said his best punch was the right hand followed by a headbutt” re Hopkins, very true.

Posted October 29, 2013 10:49 am 


dmx. bang on my son.

Posted October 29, 2013 8:09 am 


Most boxing fans I know,
would rather p!ss on a electric fence than watch Hopkins or the Klitschkos fight

Posted October 29, 2013 4:25 am 


involved is one word you tard

Posted October 29, 2013 1:32 am 


I am not surprised to read some naive comments here about pushing or leaning on the opponent what I am surprised though is that some of those naive comments are from some long time esb posters and who I thought the know a little bit about boxing …

Let’s explain you something :

There is a difference between leaning and pushing or pressing the opponent

Leaning is completely legal and I can be done mostly by a boxer who is taller then the opponent and it’s a great strategy in haveyweight especially if a boxer is havier and taller then the opponent because it will make the smaller opponent carry the weight and the taller one rest in a proces , that’s what Lewis did and that’s what klitchko is doing now

However the pushing or pressing with the arms downward is not legal and the ref. should give a warning about that and to be honest as a wlad fan he did that in his last fight against Povetkin and actualy that didn’t even help klitchko because if you push your opponent downward you actualy work and get exhausted even more then your opponent and if steward was alive he wouldn’t have let klitchko do that .

Posted October 28, 2013 11:31 pm 



I think Murat was the one initiating the dirty tactics against Hopkins.

Posted October 28, 2013 11:27 am

Of course you believe that …Murat is not your race

Posted October 28, 2013 11:14 pm 


All Hopkins is, is a tomato can with some tricky slick moves fighting smaller fighters that put on some pounds to fight him.

Posted October 28, 2013 10:33 pm 


Wlad looked like a man after a blow job from a man…….he normally keeps that behind closed doors but got paid 17 mil….not bad if your job is your hobby

Posted October 28, 2013 10:21 pm 

K-2 Fan

Nameless/Brainless ; Wlad BEAT the CRAP out of your boy with one hand behind his back !

Posted October 28, 2013 10:18 pm 


The funniest thing about these guys are that they’re the first to squeal like little girls when an opponent returns the favour.

Hopkins was looking for every exit possible when Calzaghe started to rough him up (and frankly, Joe didn’t do anything illegal, he just made it monstrously uncomfortable by rumbling through Hopkins’ clinches).

Hatton (who isn’t “dirty” in the same sense as Klitschko or Hopkins) always liked to make it really rough on the inside and then complains when Mayweather starts to use the forearms on him.

Ortiz tries TWO headbutts and then somehow Mayweather is the one called out for being dirty for returning the favour with a (fully deserved) cheapshot.

Wlad complained bitterly whenever Samuel Peter whacked him in the back of the head (even funnier coz Wlad was turning his head away from the punch… was Peter supposed to pull the punch in mid-air just coz Wlad was turning away???)

Or even Holyfield and all the media getting up in arms about Tyson biting chunks out of him after Tyson grew tired of having a hard, bowling-ball head slamming into his face for two fights in a row… though adimttedly Mike may have gone a little overboard there :P

I think Calzaghe showed what you need to do against these kinds of guys. If the ref isn’t going to help, then return the favour. Work hard on endurance prior to the fight, and then come fight night, if they try to clinch just make it as dirty as mud in there… lean, low-blow, headbutt, elbows, whatever. Make them not want to clinch any more and force them to fight within the rules.

Let’s face it, these are all talented fighters who are well and truly capable of fighting cleanly… they’re just not willing to take the extra risk involved to do it.
Hopkins, if you’re too old to fight for 12 rounds, then retire. Wlad, if you can’t handle a guy in-close, then improve your (already formidable) distancing or learn to in-fight.
The rules are in place for a reason.

Posted October 28, 2013 10:06 pm 


Izyaslav Koza:When Crappy Writers Play by their own set of Rules!

Posted October 28, 2013 9:27 pm 


dirty? lol you guys are clowns. hopkins and wlad aren’t dirty. They are crafty and clever, specifically hopkins. All the greatest boxers throughout history are. Its mental warfare as much as physical. Some people aren’t built for boxing…not doing it, writing about it, analyzing it, or even watching it.

Posted October 28, 2013 8:31 pm 

Fight Aficionado

Anyone who claims Wlad excessively holds or fights “dirty” must also agree Garcia does. Garcia held Matthysse more than 100 times in their bout, plus he head butted Lucas 3 times and hit him in the balls 3 times.

Posted October 28, 2013 8:09 pm 


Count the number of clinches the referee had to break in Ali-Foreman … vs the number of clinches the referee had to break in Wladimir-Povetkin.. There were twice as many per round in Ali-Foreman.. Ali initiated 98% of the clinches .

Posted October 28, 2013 7:03 pm 


Comparing Wladimir to Hopkins is like drawing a comparison between Jeffrey Dahmer and Mao Zedong. They shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath with regards to dirty fighting. Hopkins is one of the dirtiest fighters in the history of the sport. He commits all manner of infractions and fouls by the bucket load everytime he fights, and the nature of his fouling is so much worse.

Sure Wladimir has been guilty of holding a lot since he hooked up with Steward, but other than his last fight against Povetkin, where he did actually blatantly foul Povetkin on a number of occasions, he’s a veritable saint compared to Hopkins. Hopkins is guilty of so much more than just holding, and even if he wasn’t he’s spent much more time holding and tying up his opponents throughout his career than Wladimr has.

Hopkins use of the head in particular is obscene. He spends more time leaning in with it trying to butt his opponents than any fighter I’ve ever laid eyes upon. Emanuel Steward said his best punch was the right hand followed by a headbutt. Ronnie Shields said his head is his greatest weapon. Not to mention all the various opponents of his who’ve complained about it. It’s absolutely scandalous he’s been allowed to get away with it so long. Make no mistake about it his constant use of the head has a huge influence on the outcome of his fights. If referees didn’t allow him to get away with it or the rest of his dirty tactics with impunity, he’d have a lot more loses, and in particular, decisive loses on his ledger than he does now. He’d also have numerous DQ loses as well.

Hopkins also punches low, throws elbows, rabbit punches, holds and hits, rubs his head in his opponents faces, and uses various other dirty tactics at a staggering rate too. I’ve seen him throw triple headbutts, quadruple low blows in succession. He punched Antwun Echols in the back of the head with the most outrageous rabbit punch I’ve ever seen. It was a full power shot on an opponent who had his back turned on him. Echols dropped to the canvas like a sack of potatoes. How the hell Hopkins wasn’t disqualified for doing that is incredible. He could’ve killed him with that shot. It was thrown with seriously bad intentions.

The worst thing about Hopkins of course is him being such a big Jesse when it comes to being able to take his own medicine, regardless of how trivial, minor or non existent it is. The dirtiest fighter in the game should not cry and complain to the referee like he does. He’s also feigned injury or quit on many occasions too. How anybody can respect that I’ll never know. Wladimir was bad in the Povetkin fight but to compare him to a fighter as filthy as dirty as Hopkins is absolutely lunacy. The difference between them is literally night and day.

Posted October 28, 2013 3:27 pm 


Constantly putting all your weight on a fighter and holding is not in the rules of boxing. Now if they don’t have a ref that will enforce that rule then it doesn’t really matter. Ruiz grabbed a lot also and that is not with in the rules but the refs never said anything so he kept doing it and winning.

Posted October 28, 2013 2:55 pm 


Hayden is his “beard”…….everyone knows it

Posted October 28, 2013 2:32 pm 


Nice to see BEARS being as g*y as ever on this thread. His b*tt must be sorer than ever letting Wlad slam him from the rear.

Bears, you are a tool. Wlad doesn’t like you. He has Hadyn to warm his bed. BTW, Haydyn is a girl!

Posted October 28, 2013 2:16 pm 

Che Guevara

My God Hopkings got away with breaking every rule in Boxing! The Referee was “blind” but cooperated with Hopkins’ dirty “boxing” tactics. Every good boxing fans should boicott showtime boxing.

Posted October 28, 2013 1:50 pm 


These guys are ring smart. Including Floyd. The tricks are on a fight by fight basis. It all depends on the ref! The ref allowed Bhop to continually drape all over the guy and lead with his head…so Bhop kept doing! Sure these guys win fights. Ugly viewing!

Posted October 28, 2013 1:41 pm 


Wlad is probably the best heavyweight champion ever!

Posted October 28, 2013 1:31 pm 


The Klittards out in retarded rage again when someone speaks truth. Wlad is a cheat – deal with it

Posted October 28, 2013 1:18 pm 

It’s Me, Ernie

They’re both creeps…

Posted October 28, 2013 11:53 am 


and some idiot”s still think these two are legends.

Posted October 28, 2013 11:36 am 


I think Murat was the one initiating the dirty tactics against Hopkins.

Posted October 28, 2013 11:27 am 

Abel Iloco

I totally agree with the writer about the two boxers mentioned.Hopkins specially, as a matter of opinion of course & not a personal point of view. He’s a drama king too, I think…

Posted October 28, 2013 11:15 am 


i think that the referees of today are horrible and incompetent there are a few exceptions but for the most part they stink a dirty fighter can only get away with what a referee allows him or her

Posted October 28, 2013 11:07 am 


As much as I hate to defend Wlad, because I think that he fights like a “deer in the headlights” everytime an oppopent gets within the same area code, the fact is that Povetkin didn’t have the skill set to negate all of the holding. Not once did he attempt to go to the body or punch in combinations. Watching today’s unschooled HWs just drives me nuts! No one knows how to counterpuncher, jab their way inside (a la Tyson or Liston), throw body punches, throw combinations. To me Haye is one of the most skilled (although he rarely punches to the body either), but his counterpunching style was always going to be an ugly match up against Wlad… styles make fights.

Posted October 28, 2013 10:28 am 


I agree that both Hopkins and Wlad are dirty in their fights, but you really can’t blame them. The person to blame is the third man in the ring. We need refs to enforce the rules on the fighters. That’s what they are paid for, and they aren’t earning their money.

Posted October 28, 2013 10:25 am 


Go to youtube and put in – Calzaghe & Hopkins Clash

This is where racist Hopkins tells Calzaghe I’ll never let a white boy beat me !

Posted October 28, 2013 10:21 am 


It was never the clinching that was a problem in the Klitschko-Povetkin fight, it was Klitschko draping himself over his opponent with his arms dangling straight down. It was so annoyingly blatant. He knows exactly what he’s doing, sapping his opponents’ energy without having to get into a fight with them. Haye did exactly the right thing by just going down onto one knee under the weight so that he wasn’t being drained of energy by resisting. Against Povetkin, Klitschko had one round, I think around the 9th, where he looked really good, getting mobile, using his range and working his jab beautifully, but he only did this when he knew he’d completely drained Povetkin by leaning on him for the first two thirds of the fight. There’s no reason why he couldn’t have applied this style throughout the fight and used boxing skills to cambat Povetkin’s rushing in. What Povekin was doing was well within the rules of boxing, what Klitschko was doing was not. The author has it right, he was completely disregarding the rules of boxing and didn’t care who saw it.

Posted October 28, 2013 10:12 am 

K-2 Fan

This ” writer ” , who judging from his name , just happens to be a russian , talks out of both sides of his mouth ; he condemns Wlad for being ” dirty ” , yet concedes that Povetkin is ; ” not without blame ” .
Damn right , he was not without blame ! In fact , if he was not bending
at the waist , lowering his head , trying to smell Wlad’s armpit and
make a fight of it , Wlad might not have to keep draping himself off
of him and ungluing Povetkin from himself . As it was , it was just an ugly fight . I don’t think that anyone is disputing this , it’s just that people are sick and tired of listening to silly , rants about Wlad’s ” dirty ” tactics , disqualification ,and poor abused Povetkin “. In retrospect , it would have been better all around if this fiasco never happened . It’s not like EVERYONE did not know , that Povetkin ,
never had and never will have a prayer of a chance against Wlad .
It was a lose / lose situation for Wlad ; Povetkin really NEVER was a
champion ! It was ALWAYS Wlad’s belt anyway , no matter what the felonious WBA keeps pulling ! Something else is bothering me about
this ” fight ” ; it is the ONLY time , where I have seen Wlad fight 12
rounds and NEVER once use his right hand ! Oh , he threw it a couple times , but it always missed ! Again , I have seen just about all of Wlad’s fights , and I don’t remember him missing so many rights
in any of them . Odd , it’s as though , he DIDN’T WANT to hit Povetkin ! Personally , I’m going to wash the bad taste of this fight out
of my mind , forget about the whole thing , and hope to God we never
have to watch a fight again from Moscow .

Posted October 28, 2013 10:11 am 


I kind of think that Vlad may not have wanted to knock out the Russian while in Moscow and surrounded by his opponent’s countrymen.

Posted October 28, 2013 9:39 am 


We all know Hopkins was holding at least as much as Wlad, but America loves Hopkins.

Posted October 28, 2013 7:05 am 


It always takes two fighters to make a good fight. While it the holding and pushing down from Wlad was quite obvious, you also have to ask the question why he did it so much against Povetkin (and much more than against other recent opponents). Why he does it is clear, he likes to fight from a certain range, if the challenger comes closer he either backs of, or tries to clinch; basically nothing wrong with that; it just looks akward sometimes, because many of his opponents are much smaller, and try to come inside with their head rather low. Why was is so much holding against Povetkin? Just look at Povetkins offense, the way he threw his punches, he was trying to land a lucky punch; there was not much of a coordinated offense. I understand the Wlad did everthing to avoid Povetkins wild swings. Even though Povetkins attacks were not against the rules, they were not really worthy of an world title challenger (same goes for David Haye by the way). Wlad can only look as good, as the other fighters allow him to do. If they refuse to make it a real fight and just try to stay out of the reach, and jump inside with wild flying hands, then there is very little chance that it will be a good fight.

Posted October 28, 2013 6:37 am 

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