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Ariza thinks Mayweather may be looking at all the polls in deciding his next opponent

Strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza thinks Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be using more than one poll in coming to a decision about who he should fight next between Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana. Khan thought he had the It makes sense. Maidana smashed Khan in three independent polls – ESPN, Fightnews and RingTV – in winning by wide margins where fans weren’t required to log in with a Facebook or Twitter account in order to vote.

Khan thought he had the Mayweather Jr. fight in the bag after encouraging his 1.4 million Twitter followers to storm the Mayweather Promotions website poll to vote him in as Mayweather’s next opponent. The problem is that Mayweather’s poll required for fans to log in with a Twitter or Facebook account before they could vote. That’s hardly what you would call a fair poll considering that Khan had encouraged his 1.4 million followers on twitter to vote for him. Maidana, in comparison, only had 80,000 followers on twitter to encourage to vote for him. Given the huge disparity in Twitter followers between Maidana and Khan, it left Maidana in pretty much a no-win fight.

Khan is now saying that Mayweather needs to keep his word by giving him the fight after winning his website poll. But Mayweather needs to do what’s right for him, and if that means changing his mind about giving the winner of the poll the fight with him, then he needs to do that. If Mayweather just blindingly gives Khan the fight because of his 1.4 million twitter followers voting him in then he’ll be ignoring the masses that voted for Maidana in the other polls. I think Mayweather needs to pick the guy that the fans want him to fight, and not focus on just one tiny poll to select his next opponent. If Mayweather is going to have a voting system to pick his next opponent then he at least should make it easy for all fans to vote.

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