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Mayweather vs Pacquiao – Khan eliminator almost upon us

We are only a few days away now from the fight which almost everyone wants to see – Mayweather vs Pacquiao. In the build up to the fight the focus has strongly been on three things – How much money the fight is generating, why it took so long to make the fight happen and who folks believe is going to win. Most predictions have surprisingly favoured Floyd Mayweather Jr. I am not too sure why, perhaps because he is undefeated and always wins. The fight has not been without its detractors though, and rightly so. Both guys are past their prime, the fans are getting ripped off with prices for the PPV and tickets (if indeed they could get any) and the fight has been blown out of proportion and should be recognized for what it truly is – a final eliminator to face the sensational pound for pound number 1 fighter on the planet, Britain’s great Amir Khan. Continue reading

Is Floyd Mayweather really a modern great?

Boxing is a sport where real men, such as myself, compete with other guys for rewards like money, respect and lots of women. Floyd Mayweather has lots of money, possibly gets tons of women but he does not have the respect of other modern greats such as someone like, I don’t know, his next opponent Many Pacquiao. His greatness is definitely questionable. The reasons for this are numerous and are as easily notable as desirable traits in women (youth, beauty and large boobies). One thing people like in their champions is for them to be British, which he isn’t. If you’re not British you definitely have to overcome inferior DNA to excel at boxing although you may be blessed with better teeth. All the best guys have been British, heck even Roy Jones Jr said he would fit right in somewhere in Wales because of his name. In this article I will outline reasons I believe Floyd Mayweather may not be a modern day great boxer using other modern greats as a comparison. Continue reading

PEDs in boxing are a non-issue

Boxing is the greatest sport in the history of the universe. Created in Great Britain (like me) many years ago boxing has given the world some of the greatest men ever. A look through the champions of each division since records began comes up with zillions of names, far more than I care to try and count. Yet somewhere in these names are undoubtedly guys who have taken what are commonly known as PEDs, performance enhancing drugs. I am sure your mum, like my mum, always tells you that drugs are bad and you should never ever take them – even when they make you look cool and get you girls. A short while ago I wrote an article about how to tell if a fighter is on PEDs. Continue reading

Does anyone really want to watch Mayweather vs Pacquaio?

The recently officially announced Mayweather vs Pacquaio fight has already, like a well-used pick up line on Tinder, started receiving mixed feelings. Some folks are calling it the fight for a generation – two of the best non-British fighters finally going at it to see which one is the greatest in boxing – whilst others have looked on, gazing up to the snowy British skies and wondering if they really want to watch two old men well past their sell by dates fight each other. Undoubtedly this fight would have been relevant in boxing and worldwide events a few years ago (try six) but now it is clearly overshadowed by much more current fighters and topics of interest such as Tyson Fury, UKIP and Richard Blackwood starring in Eastenders. Continue reading

Britain’s Got Talent : Tyson Fury vs David Haye

fury565By Fantana: It is a sad state of affairs when Kings are hung, drawn and quartered in front of their own people. Kings who have inspired many nations, even ones like Scotland, to feel good about themselves. Unfortunately Britain lost a king in Audley Harrison recently, obviously due to extremely poor refereeing, but beside Audley there has been undue flak headed Tyson Fury’s way. In my eyes as a boxing purist he has done nothing wrong.

Coming back after being floored by an American to win via devastating clobbering is pretty impressive. It was a performance that Tyson Fury can take pride in, maybe a bit rough around the edges but nevertheless impressive, a bit like a Land Rover. Tyson Fury squashed America’s heavyweight title dream and I believe he is going to do the same thing to Cyprus resident David Haye. Continue reading

Audley Harrison unlucky with premature stoppage in fight he was winning

Deontay Wilder the heavy handed American slugger got lucky last night as he got a win on his record against Audley Harrison. Bizarrely, A-Force finds himself at the hands of another bad refereeing decision which may have ruined his career. It was Britain’s first look at Deontay in the flesh and many of us real men, such as myself, are far from impressed. In fact we are appalled at the cheating that was displayed by the American. Very unsporting behaviour, a bit like Norwich. You would never find Audley Harrison cheating and the stark contrasts between Deontay and Audley are there for the plain eye to see. Audley, a tall, elegant, handsome man who looks like he stepped out of a Hollywood film set against the gangly, large framed Wilder. Bald, ugly and looks like he had been chewing wasps for dinner. In the looks department, it was a total mismatch. Audley looked great in a non-gay way, physically and in boxing terms. Controlling the early exchanges landing 3 hard jabs that wobble Wilder and catch the judge’s eye, further evidence that Audley has the greatest jab in modern heavyweight boxing. A crisp left almost lands flush on the face of Deontay which would have surely been a fight ender. On the stroke of the 49th second of the fight though it all went a bit tits up. Continue reading

You Khan’t Deny Destiny – Why Amir Is Pound For Pound Number 1

003KhanvictoryIMG_5867 I have been ridiculed, unfairly so in my opinion, for expressing my wanton thought processes in the local when it comes to boxing. As any real man such as myself knows the local pub is where a lot, if not most, of the best boxing banter occurs (and indeed fights depending in which part of Stoke you live in). Being a somewhat pugilist sage, in my local and wider community, I am still happily surprised when people wish to enter into a boxing debate with me. Not least of all because it gives me a chance to hear others opinions – even though they are largely wrong and not worth hearing, unlike mine. Whilst I have spent a lot of time in America, and like to call it a second home, even though it is my mum who owns a second home there and lets me stay over, the knowledge in the States isn’t as widespread on important matters e.g Amir Khan. Unlike here in the greatest country on earth, Great Britain (mostly England), everyone knows who Amir Khan is. Most people will remember him for three reasons, which are i) he won an Olympic medal, ii) he got knocked out by John Prescott’s nephew and iii) he beat up some blokes trying to nick his Range Rover or is an awesome boxer. This highly informative and easy to read article aims to synthesize many parts of my knowledge to create a wider spectrum for the uninformed, and mostly yank culprits, who do not see what all us Great Britons see – Khan is King (not literal). In my opinion he is pound for pound number one above the likes of Mayweather and Timothy Bradley. Continue reading

An extraordinary opportunity for an Extra-Audley-nary fighter

harrison5634The British news over the last few weeks has covered a variety of subjects which the average Briton is most assuredly unrepentant towards. Having long lost faith in their government, bankers and those in positions of power Englishman feel almost hopeless, like a drowning rat in a sewer it once felt safe in. The feeling of tension throughout the busy streets of places such as Oswestry can clearly be witnessed. A once thriving high street is now mostly charity shops or cheap sports stores. Long gone are the local butchers and family run chippies. I didn’t stop there long enough to really check as everyone looked related, slightly drunk and menacing. Nevertheless, I could see the anguish in their eyes, that distant gaze of peoples battered by less than fortunate circumstances (i.e living in Oswestry). This same look was once etched into the face of Audley Harrison, an Olympic Gold medalist whose destiny was surely to become the greatest British Heavyweight of the world. Environments often dictate whom a man will become and the environment Audley Harrison has been subjected to has indeed shaped him. Remarkably though not in the expected negative manner many would have expected, indeed many had even hoped for. Continue reading